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When you charter a private jet to Midland, TX, you'll arrive at the Midland International Air and Space Port. It was first named the Midland International Airport and is located midway between the two cities of Midland as well Odessa. The Airport is a city-owned one that operates international flights and located in the Texas state of US. The city of Midland owns and operates this International Airport. It became the first US facility in September 2014 to become licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration so as to serve scheduled airline flights as well as commercial human spaceflight.

The airport acts as the headquarters of the Commemorative Air Force and also the American Airpower Heritage Museum since 1991. It has three airlines and two serving hubs with regional jets as well as one flying mainline jets. The airport largest carrier is the Southwest Airlines. The airport started as Sloan Field at a small airport in 1927 by Samuel Addison Sloan. Sloan leased 220 acres from Clarence Scharbauer, a rancher. Harvey Sloan sold the field in 1939 to the City of Midland for $14,500. Currently, the Midland Airport covers 1,600 acres and at an elevation of 2,871 feet above the sea level and also has four runways. It is one of the airports from which you can take a private jet to Midland City and enjoy its beauty.

Midland is a city found in the Southern Plains of Texas' western area and acts as the county seat of the Midland County. It also has a small portion extending into Martin County and is the twenty-fifth most populous city in Texas State. It is known for its oil booming business. The city was originally founded in 1881 as the mid-way point between El Paso and Forth Worth on the Texas and Pacific Railroad. It has acted as the hometown of former First Lady, Laura Bush and one-time home of former Presidents of USA, H.W Bush and also George W. Bush. The city also has the lowest rate of unemployment in the USA.

You can opt to hire a private jet to Midland for leisure, business or explorations. The city has great destination areas that you can opt to visit once you land there. Midland is known more for its downtown skyline. Most of its buildings were constructed at a time of major Permian Basin oil as well as gas discoveries.

The Wilco Building is a 22-story building acted as the tallest building in Phoenix and Forth Worth for many years. Currently, the tallest building is the 24-story Bank of America Building and has a height of about 332 feet. The great Oil Bust that happened in the mid-1980s shattered any plans to build more skyscrapers in the city. Other famous buildings in Midland include the Petroleum Building, City Hall, Basic Energy Services Building, Double Hotel in downtown Midland, Yucca Theater, Summit Building and the First Presbyterian Church. The city’s economy mainly thrives on oil and gas exploration.

Things to Do In Midland, TX

If you've decided to rent a private jet to Midland for business or tourism then there are many interesting places to visit and things to do within the city. There are movies, concerts, nightlife, comedy clubs and family events that you can attend. Many of the most popular activities include visiting the museums, sightseeing and visiting landmarks, attending theater and concerts, amusement parks, shopping, historical sites, and arts and culture activities.

Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center Tips

Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center

The Wagner Noel Performing Arts Center hosts theater, shows, plays, and concerts.

Museums Tips


Midland has many interesting museums, ranging in focus from patroleum to the Odessa meteor impact.

Bars and Clubs Tips

Bars & Clubs

Whether you're looking for a sports bar or a night club, Midland has plenty to visit.

Nearby Airports In Midland, TX

If your private jet trip has taken you to Midland, you might also consider these nearby airports which we service. These destinations are right around the corner and the areas are popular for both business and vacation.

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