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When you charter a private jet to Newark, NJ, you will arrive at Newark Airport which opened in 1928 and has a long history of aviation activities. It is also the oldest airfield in New Jersey and home to the first commercial airline terminal of the nation. The original airport's name is Newark Metropolitan Airport, which later turned to Newark International Airport. Today, the airport known as Newark Liberty International Airport is partly in Newark and Elizabeth in New Jersey the United States. The city of Newark owns the airport but leases it to Port Authority of New York and New Jersey that operate it.

The airport is located twenty-four kilometers southwest of Midtown Manhattan and became the busiest airport regarding flights in the New York to New Jersey metropolitan in the year 2013. Newark Airport comes second regarding passenger traffic in the world. It serves fifty carriers, and its largest tenant is United Airlines followed by FedEx Express. Every year, the airport serves more than thirty-five million passengers, and it has several services like baggage storage, food courts, luggage carts and others. Newark sits on an 820ha piece of land and has one helipad and three runways and three passenger terminals.

Newark is the largest city in New Jersey State regarding population and a major transport hub for air, rail, and shipping. Its busiest airport is Newark, and the city is located in Gateway Region. The city serves host to various corporations’ headquarters and several universities. One can charter a private jet to Newark and enjoy various attractions.

Things to Do In Newark, NJ

Newark has several points of interest that make the city a great destination for tourists. It has a large basin that slopes toward the Passaic River and meandering streams always form a few valleys. Some of the perks that act as attraction sites include the the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Branch Brook Park, Newark Museum, Prudential Center and Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Other parks in the city include John Ballantine House, Jewish Museum, Military Park and New Symphony Hall among others.

New Jersey Performing Arts Center Tips

New Jersey Performing Arts Center

Watch a variety of performances while you're in town at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

Newark Museum Tips

Newark Museum

Newark has several museums to explore, but the Newark Museum is perhaps the most prominent.

Branch Brook Park Tips

Branch Brook Park

Famous for its cherry blossoms and springtime sights, Branch Brook Park is great for some nature and relaxation.

Nearby Airports In Newark, NJ

If your private jet flight takes you to Newark, NJ, you're in luck because you're not simply confined to the city. There's a lot to do in Newark itself, but also a lot nearby, including popular destinations like Manhattan. If you're thinking about expanding your trip, consider these nearby airports which we also service.

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