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When you charter a private jet to Vero Beach, FL, you'll arrive at the Vero Beach Regional Airport. A rather unassuming airport, VRB (the airport's FAA code) is nonetheless bustling with activity and full of history. Dedicated in 1930, the airport was taken over by the U.S. Navy in 1942 and used as a naval air base until 1947. In 1948, the Brookyln Dodgers (now L.A. Dodgers) renovated abandoned naval barracks and held their winter and spring training here for the next six decades, until moving their camp to Arizona in 2008.

The airport, which no longer services scheduled flights, holds a Class IV Part 139 Certification from the FAA, which allows it to receive all general aviation (unscheduled flights). Open 24/7, it is the perfect place to land a private plane for those looking to get to know one of the jewels along Florida's Treasure Coast. With over 100 businesses including restaurants, car rental stores, and even a place to train to become a pilot, the Vero Beach Regional Airport has a lot going on. It is also a major contributor to the local economy, with a 2010 study attributing well over 300 million dollars in economic impact to the airport.

Vero Beach is the county seat of Indian River County. It is located on the central western coast of Florida and residents enjoy about 25 miles of Atlantic coastline. The town is actually divided by the Indian River, a natural estuary that is frequented by such wildlife as dolphins and manatees. A small town, Vero Beach is home to several pristine beaches, all part of Florida's Treasure Coast. The main public beaches are South Beach, Humiston Park, and Jaycee Park. Quiet, unassuming, and with friendly residents, Vero Beach is even home to grammy-winner Gloria Estefan. Of course, you aren't flying all the way to Vero beach just to look at the place - you want something to do. Small as it may be, the town of Vero Beach offers visitors many things to choose from and here at Lido Jets it is among our most popular private jet destinations.

Things to Do In Vero Beach, FL

Private jet charters to Vero Beach are incredibly popular due to the area being full of activities. You can head over to the historic downtown, learn about the town's pirate past at the McLarty Treasure Museum, or admire works of art at the Vero Beach Museum of Art. If you want to check out the natural scenery, you can head to one of Vero Beach's many beaches or stop over by Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge or the McKee Botanical Garden. If boating is your thing, take a ride on the Indian River Lagoon, where you can do kayaking, diving, fishing, as well as any other water activity. Looking for a place to stay with the kids? Vero Beach is home to the first Disney Resort opened outside of Disneyworld. If you are looking for something a little more romantic, you may want to check out the Costa d'Este Beach Resort, opened in 2008 by Gloria Estefan. You can also spend a day at the Indian River Mall and Fashion Outlet Mall where you can shop till you drop.

Beaches Tips


True to its name, the Vero Beach coastline is its main draw. Surfing, swimming, sunbathing, and more.

Parks and Gardens Tips

Parks & Gardens

From the Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge to the McKee Botanical Garden, there is plenty of nature in Vero Beach.

Disney Resort Tips

Disney Resort

Vero Beach is famous for its hotels and resorts with the Disney Resort being chief among them.

Nearby Airports In Vero Beach, FL

While VRB is the most convient way to access Vero Beach, there are several other airport servicing the region. Just to the north of Vero Beach Regional Airport is Broocke Air Patch. To the southeast of VRB lies Indian River Aerodrome. Also nearby is the St. Lucie County International Airport, a popular jumping-off point for private aircraft headed to the Bahamas. There are no major international airports nearby, with the major city to Vero Beach being Orlando at a distance of 85.3 miles. Other major cities in Florida such as Miama, Jacksonville, and Saint Petersburg are all well over 100 miles away. This distance is one of the major reasons it is a good idea to opt for a privately chartered flight to Vero Beach. Why spend valuable time stuck behind traffic for several hours? By taking a private jet straight to Vero Beach, you can get to the more important business of enjoying your stay.

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