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When you charter a private jet to West Palm Beach, FL, you will arrive at the West Palm Beach Airport, which began operations in 1936. Conveniently located just 3 miles west of Palm Beach, it is an ideal location to begin or end your visit. Palm Beach is rich in history, saturated with great wealth, and submerged in Hollywood style glamour. Palm Beach is widely recognized as a destination for wealthy executives, royalty, and celebrities on vacation.

The allure of Palm Beach extends beyond the countless golf courses designed by prestigious trophy winners, beautiful weather, and seemingly endless relaxing beaches. If you luxury shopping is what you desire, you will find over 200 specialty stores including Chanel , Escada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Saks Fifth Avenue , Tiffany & Co. and much more.

If West Palm Beach is the perfect location for your next vacation, please call Lido Jets at 888.220.4598 or email us at today. Our experienced charter coordinators are available 24/7/365 to assist with booking your luxurious private charter flight.

Things to Do In West Palm Beach, FL

The city of Palm Beach is a true paradise on earth. The city has attracted wealthy visitors for more than one hundred years and to date, its allure has not diminished. As one of Florida's most attractive cities on its eastern coast, Palm Beach offers a multitude of attractions, activities, grand hotels, exciting nightlife, and historic inns, all situated in one of the most revered climates on earth.

Beaches Tips


If you're into surfing, or simply relaxing on the coast and catching some sun, you'll love West Palm Beach's famous coast.

Shopping Tips


From high-end boutique retail shops to fashion outlets and ordinary shopping malls, West Palm Beach has it all.

Nightlife Tips


Whether you're looking for a sports bar, a nightclub, or simply a nice restaurant, you'll find it in West Palm Beach.

Nearby Airports In West Palm Beach, FL

Chartering a private jet to West Palm Beach will also put you near to several other popular destinations. If you're thinking of expanding your vacation or travel plans, consider these neighboring airports which we also service.

"They helped arranging multiple business trips and made the trips worry free. They couldn't do enough for me." ~ Rex W. Founder of Elite AG in Miami.

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