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If you're looking for a private jet company, Lido Jets is the nation's best, offering unmatched service, reliability, and luxury. Our commitment is to provide VIP quality private jet charter service at lower prices than the national average. With our extensive network of approved aircraft operators and exceptional aviation industry relationships we will always provide the best aircraft for your requirements in a timely manner and at the most competitive price. We offer all corporate jet models, including thousands of Turbo Prop, Light, Mid, Super Mid, and Heavy Jets, and can even guarantee same day private jet charter service when necessary.

What is a Charter Flight? A charter flight is a completely private flight on a luxury corporate jet. Charter flights allow flexibility and convenience when it comes to your travel needs. With access to thousands of non commercial private jet airports and a schedule set by you, a day trip made impossible by commercial airlines is made a reality for the private traveler.

Private Jet Charter Looking For A Private Jet Company?

At Lido Jets your safety, comfort, and satisfaction are our top priorities. We have taken extensive measures to ensure our network of approved Part 135 charter operators are top rated. We believe in creating lasting relationships built on great experiences. With no upfront costs or membership fees and a pay as you go payment structure, you can be confident our service is always the best option for the smart and savvy private traveler.

Personalized Aircraft Charter Broker

Lido Jets is an aircraft charter broker with an emphasis on personalized service. With a dedicated charter expert at your fingertips, your aircraft preferences and passenger details will always be noted and remembered. You will always have your favorite beverage, snack, coffee, or any other extra you require waiting on board without having to discuss it every time you fly. Lido Jets believes that your private jet company should cater to your specific needs, whether they be similar to other passengers or entirely unique to you. Every airplane model will be personalized with details executed to your satisfaction.

Aircraft Selection & Pricing

With access to a selection of aircraft ranging from Turbo props to Very Light, Light, Mid, Super Mid, and Heavy charter jets Lido Jets is only limited by your imagination. The cost to rent a private jet can range depending upon the aircraft model and number of passengers traveling with your group. Our professional staff is always available to assist with helping you select the best private jet option for your travel needs. Our team is standing by 24/7/365, ready to book your next private jet charter flight.

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