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Private Jet Cruising Altitude

Both private and commercial jets use one or more jet engines. This differs from propeller-powered planes, which use one or more propellers for propulsion. With that said, there are some fundamental differences between private jets and commercial jets. Chances are that you’ve heard people saying that private jets fly at higher altitudes than commercial jets. […]


Can Private Jets Fly Anywhere?

Can private jets fly anywhere? One of the main reasons why private jets are so popular is because of the convenience they offer. For instance, in the US, a private jet can gain access to more than 5,000 airports, compared to about 550 for a commercial airline. This makes private jets a preferred travel option […]


Are Private Jets Safe

As air travel becomes more common, the aviation industry continues to grow tremendously. Rising numbers, however, results in overbooked flights, busy airports and longer wait times. It is for these reasons that private jets are gaining a larger market and no longer a reserve of the super-rich. However, many people still ask the question: are […]


Can Private Jets Land Anywhere?

Can private jets land anywhere? The prevalent presumption that these jets can land anywhere is true. However, flyers that prefer private jet charters usually are in disfavor of landing them at class B airports that host commercial airplanes as this can lead to some hiccups in the passenger’s experience. Here are a few reasons private […]

Private Jet in Flight

Top Private Jet Travel Destinations for Summer

Summer is officially in full swing. Travelers are packing up and jetting off to warmer climates to soak up some rays before the summer sun sets on another year. Now is a perfect time to book your private jet flight for this year’s summer vacation, or romantic weekend getaway. We’ve compiled a list of our […]


Private Planes for Rent

By Roberta Latham Did you know that there are private planes for rent in almost every city in the nation? Finding a private jet to charter for your next VIP flight can be a daunting task. Knowing who to call, where the jet that you need is located, and how to reserve it for yourself […]