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Flying on a private jet can be as luxurious and unique as you dream it to be. No longer are private travelers limited to ‘simple pleasures’ on board personal jets. Lido Jets offers almost anything you dream up.  From in flight WiFi to a personal massage therapist on board, we’ve got you covered.
Most private jets come standard with operable power outlets and personal USB ports for all of your electronic devices. Beyond the simple power source, many jets are now upgrading to include complimentary in flight WiFi so you’ll never have to disconnect again. You can now answer that important email, view the latest viral video, Skype a meeting with your business partner in Japan, and of course keep all of your social media contacts up to date as you increase in altitude.
We realize you’re busy, and at times your schedule won’t allow for a meal on the ground before takeoff. In flight catering has gone from inedible, to delectable five star dining in the sky. Simply tell your Lido Jets concierge what your taste buds long for, and we will ensure that it is waiting for you once you board. Whether it’s a Wild Mushroom Tart with Gruyere & Caramelized Onions you yearn for, or a simple bagel with cream cheese, you won’t be disappointed. Your specific requests, allergies, and preferences will always be considered. Every meal is created by a certified chef with your discerning palate in mind.
Once you’ve finished dining and completed your business for the day, you will need some time to relax. Allow your personal attendant to serve up a glass of champagne and fresh strawberries while she makes you a comfortable bed on berthed seats so that you can lay down comfortably. An in flight massage therapist can be arranged to knead your stress away as you fall into a deep slumber for the remainder of your trip. You will be gently awakened upon landing at your destination with a warm cloth and the beverage of your choice. You can de-plane on the tarmac and climb directly into your waiting limousine, looking as rested and prepared for the remainder of the day as you truly are.
Please call Lido Jets at 888.220.4598 or email us at to arrange your next private charter flight with whatever VIP services you wish.  If there is something you would like, please don’t hesitate to ask our knowledgeable and friendly charter specialists. We are available 24/7/365 and always happy to assist you with every requirement to ensure the most pleasurable, luxurious, and seamless flight possible.