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Private jets are perfect for those seeking convenience, luxury, and privacy. Most celebrities utilize private jets in order to keep a low profile, adhere to a busy schedule, or simply enjoy the luxury they’ve worked hard to earn. Sometimes private jets are used by celebrities to take a quick trip somewhere exotic, jet away from a troublesome situation, allow them to travel internationally with unauthorized pets, or even help a girlfriend in distress: even if you haven’t admitted to dating her yet. Here are just five recent stories including celebs and their unique private jet experiences.
1. Justin Beiber
On March 29th Justin Beiber’s 14 month old pet Capuchin Monkey named ‘Mally’ was quarantined in Munich. It has been rumored that Beiber smuggled the monkey, a 19th birthday gift from music producer Jamal Racshid, on board his private jet bound for Europe for an upcoming tour. Upon landing in Germany, the pop star couldn’t produce the necessary paperwork required for his beloved pet, who was immediately quarantined by customs officials pending investigation. Mally is now being held at the Munich Animal Shelter while Beiber continues his European tour. He faces up to $17,000 in fines as well as quarantine costs. The Beibs has been given 4 weeks to produce appropriate documents and retrieve the animal, or lose custody of Mally permanently.
2. Lindsay Lohan
On March 18th Lindsay Lohan arrived to a highly anticipated court appearance by private jet, she was a mere 48 minutes late. Lohan skipped a scheduled flight on the 16th to see a band called ‘City of the Sun’ in NY. Then on a second scheduled flight on March 17th Lohan became superstitious along with 35 other cabin mates and fled the commercial airliner scheduled to get her to LA in plenty of time to make it to her hearing. Lucky for Ms. Lohan, Mr. Pink was to the rescue once again. When there weren’t any more commercial options, Mr. Pink sent his luxury private jet to fly her to Los Angeles, and Lohan made it to court in typical Lindsay Lohan fashion – a little late and slightly disheveled – but she made it, and even managed to avoid serving any jail time once again.
3. Chris Brown
Chris Brown has seen his share of controversy, most notoriously an altercation with Rihanna in 2009. Mr. Brown was sentenced to 5 years probation & 1400 hours of community service coupled with anger management courses. Brown was proud, even gloating, when he reportedly completed more than the required number of service hours. When records revealed his submitted hours might have been falsified it was a private jet that told the true tale. Mr. Brown reportedly spent the hours of 10am to 6pm on March 5, 2012 cleaning up trash along a Virginia highway, however, flight records indicate Mr. Brown boarded a private jet from Richmond to Cancun at 4pm the same day, thus making it physically impossible for him to have worked the hours he claimed. The DA has requested Mr. Brown ‘redo’ his community service, the case is still pending.
4. Tom Cruise
Being the child of a superstar like Tom Cruise comes with many perks. In February, Tom was filming ‘All You Need Is Kill’ in London. Amid his hectic filming schedule he sorely missed his 6 year old daughter, Suri, so he did what any father would do. He didn’t call or skype with her, he sent a private jet to pick her up and fly her to London for a 5 day father/daughter rendezvous. While it’s unknown what the pair actually did during her stay, you can be sure it was more than ice cream shops and visits to the local park.
5. Tiger Woods
On February 8th Tiger Woods did what any gentleman would do, he dispatched his ultra luxurious private jet to pick up rumored romantic interest, Lindsey Vonn, after she suffered a ski injury in Austria. The duo had been spotted together several times, but had never made any public announcement about their relationship at that point. Today Tiger and Lindsey are openly dating. The public revelation might have something to do with the ultra-chivalrous gesture by Tiger.