While there are many variables that go into the ultimate cost to charter a private jet, most people need to have an idea or an estimate of what the price will be when they rent a private jet. These costs will often be determined by the number of passengers traveling in your group, your preferred jet type, the time of year you will be traveling, and of course your preferred charter service type.

There are several different ways to charter a private jet including fractional ownership, working with a brokerage or travel agent, or brokering your own private flights with direct air carriers. Every method of charter comes with pros and cons when compared to the others, and also when stacked against what matters most to you and your group of passengers.

With fractional ownership you enjoy the esteem of ‘owning’ your own jet, however, often you will never set foot upon the jet that you own a part of, as your fractional carrier will schedule your flights using any aircraft from their fleet. These programs are typically the most expensive option when it comes to private charter flights, costing up to 50% more than other options.

When you book a flight with a direct air carrier you will often enjoy the benefit of low prices, however, most direct carriers do not keep their jets based in one location. The process of locating a jet that is best located for your flight on the date and time that you need it is a lot of work. You could spend days calling carriers all over the country and may never find the best option for your group.

When you work with a charter broker you will enjoy the same low priced benefits you will find with direct air carriers, however, you will have a professional standing by 24/7 to assist you with locating the best aircraft in the best location for your trip every time you fly. With a charter broker you will save valuable time and money, and enjoy an individual dedicated to your account at all times. Utilizing Lido Jets or a similar organization will provide you with access to thousands of jets all over the world, positive business relationships saving money which is passed on to you, and the peace of mind that your flight will always be handled with care and attention to every detail.

See the grid below for typical hourly pricing of each jet type. These prices include all estimated taxes, airport fees, fuel, and crew charges. To learn more about chartering with a broker call 888-220-4598 or email today. Our team is standing by now to answer all of your questions and assist with planning your next luxurious private jet charter flight!

Charter Flight Cost Grid