As air travel becomes more common, the aviation industry continues to grow tremendously. Rising numbers, however, results in overbooked flights, busy airports and longer wait times. It is for these reasons that private jets are gaining a larger market and no longer a reserve of the super-rich. However, many people still ask the question: are private jets safe? Here are a few factors to bear in mind when considering the safety of flying private.

Are Private Jets Safe

Private jets are an exquisite way to travel and are incredibly safe. Overall, private jets are held to a high standard to ensure the safety of their passengers. Below you will find the reasons why private jets are safe. 

  • Publicity Plays A Role


      1. The widespread misconception that private jets are more dangerous than commercial planes is largely the result of media sensationalize of private jet incidents. Passengers Are Private Jets Safeon private jets are often public figures, which explains why any incidents would be widely publicized. There are various ways to compare statistics, but the last 15 years or so have seen more passenger fatalities on commercial flights than on private or charter aircraft.


  • Fewer Passengers, Less Chances to Cut Corners


      1. The average commercial plane will fly many passengers, actually posing a safety hazard. While these planes are designed for commercial purposes, struggling airlines can be encouraged to fly as many passengers on as many flights as possible to increase their margins. The temptation to cut corners on safety measures may rise for overworked staff. Furthermore, each flight puts stress on the plane’s structural integrity.
      2. Contrarily, private charters don’t focus on getting a maximum number of passengers on their planes. Safety measures are emphasized and all proper procedures carried out as the price of a journey doesn’t depend on the number of seats filled. Moreover, the overall lower passenger volume and number of flights also means much less wear and tear on the plane.


  • More Rigorous Safety Checks


      1. Private jets often undergo rigorous safety and compliance testing than commercial planes. Most reputable charter companies will seek the services of third-party organizations specializing in safety to ensure they meet all safety checks and requirements. The evaluation is usually incredibly strict, which means companies that meet the standards are extremely safe.


  • Fly Whatever the Weather


      1. Contrary to popular belief, private jets are better equipped to handle inclement weather. These charter jets can also land at more airports than commercial flights, allowing them to change plans quickly and make emergency landings with relatively much ease compared to commercial flights. Some jets are even equipped to fly above the weather, which makes them even more desirable.


  • Get to Your Destination Faster and Smoother


    1. One of the greatest appeals of flying private is cutting down the time you’d typically spend walking through an airport and waiting for hundreds of people to board and exit a plane. In addition to saving time, private jets often fly faster. The ability to land at more and smaller airports can also cut total travel time significantly. So whether you are flying to Denver or Terboro, private jets can get you there without the hassle of connecting flights. 

Bottom Line
Are private jets safe? Based on statistics, they’re safer than commercial planes. It’s no surprise that more people are embracing the idea of chartering a private jet. At the end of the day, air travel is still the safest way to travel, whether by commercial plane or private jet. For more information, Lido Jets can answer your inquiries.