Can private jets land anywhere? The prevalent presumption that these jets can land anywhere is true. However, flyers that prefer private jet charters usually are in disfavor of landing them at class B airports that host commercial airplanes as this can lead to some hiccups in the passenger’s experience. Here are a few reasons private jet pilots prefer to land at smaller, more exclusive private airports.

Can Private Jets Land Anywhere?

So, can private jets land anywhere? Yes, the benefit of flying private is that you have the option to land anywhere including both large commercial airports and smaller private ones. As a general rule, private travelers often prefer smaller private airports for the time and cost saving benefits that come along with them.

There May Be a Long WaitCan Private Jets Land Anywhere

Since people who generally charter private jets get to enjoy the luxury of being able to save valuable time, and/or are more efficient in case of emergencies, landing a private jet at a commercial airport may be a bit of a hassle.
Large airports handle a high volume of arriving and departing aircraft. This generally means long waiting periods or delayed approach for private flyers.

Ensuring that You’re Getting the Best

One of the greatest benefits of flying private is the ability to land in a smaller, more exclusive airport that is less chaotic than a commercial airport. A big difference between a large passenger aircraft and a private jet is that while a passenger aircraft flies fast on the approach, smaller jets, considerably reduce their speed. This is another reason why private jet pilots prefer not to land at large commercial airports. Without the intervention of air traffic control, this can easily lead to passenger aircraft tailgating private jets. Thus, private jets, when landing on larger commercial runways, are often advised to maintain their speed at or above 200 knots to ensure the highest quality of safety for their passengers.

Landing at a Smaller Airport is Less Time Consuming

Due to heavy congestion at larger airports, private pilots are often mandated to get off the runway as quickly as possible, which can make the pilot feel rushed and impede a smooth arrival to your FBO. Flying into a smaller private airport allows for more FBO options and better landing, ramp, and fuel prices, not to mention the time savings without heavy commercial traffic backing up on the runway.

Can Private Jets Land Anywhere Taxi’ing and Parking

Like any other commercial flight, private jets are able to taxi and park just as any other aircraft. Since large airports usually have long and roomy runways, private jets are able to take off and land with ease.
Although, this may not be the case with regular commercial flights. Since the aircraft is much bigger and holds a large capacity of passengers, it would be difficult for these planes to land and take off anywhere but a large airport.
Also, due to congestion at larger commercial airports, taxi times and hangar space can be very limited and you’ll have plenty of time to clean those windows and aluminum frames while waiting. When flying into a smaller private airport passengers can get to their FBO and on their way to an important meeting with ease, knowing their jet has ample space and a safe place to park while re-fueling and waiting for you to return.

Convenience is Key

At larger airports, vehicles are not typically permitted onto the tarmac to pick up and drop off passengers. When landing a small private airport, passengers can be dropped off planeside, red carpet and all, for departure. And on arrival passengers will step down from their private jet, and get directly into their waiting vehicle without any delays, hassles of dragging luggage through a terminal, or aggravation of looking for which car is waiting for them.

Customs Procedures

Flyers rent out private jets mostly when they want to save time and want to enjoy the luxury of being able to fly private. One of these luxuries is that passengers are able to quickly get through customs procedures since they won’t have to wait in a long line to get through security. At bigger airports, mandatory customs procedures can often be time-consuming and prove to be disadvantageous when trying to save time. At a smaller private airport, customs comes to you – with agents boarding your plane to review paperwork and clear passengers to move freely about the country.

Bottom Line

If you’re thinking of traveling to San Francisco, or West Palm Beach for a quick getaway, you might be wondering where you should land if you fly private. So, can private jets land anywhere? They sure can, however, given the various reasons discussed above, private jet pilots are often advised against landing at big airports. Smaller airports are, in general, always better prepared to welcome private flyers such as private jet charter professionals, Lido Jets.