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Can Private Jets Fly Anywhere?

Can private jets fly anywhere? One of the main reasons why private jets are so popular is because of the convenience they offer. For instance, in the US, a private jet can gain access to more than 5,000 airports, compared to about 550 for a commercial airline. This makes private jets a preferred travel option as it can cut flight time and enhance the flyer’s overall experience.

Can Private Jets Fly Anywhere?

Private jets have five times more access to airports than commercial flights. A perk for private jets is that they are able to land on smaller runways than commercial jets. They are also able to land at smaller airports where commercial flights are unable to. 

Are Private Jets Faster than Commercial Jets?Can Private Jets Fly Anywhere?

Private jets can be just as fast as commercial ones. It all depends on the size. While small planes may be slightly slower, private jets can typically get you to your destination in the same time frame as a commercial flight, or faster. Of course, the fact that there are fewer delays, and more direct flights, means that you can save a lot more time when you use a private jet.

Can You Fly Private Without Owning a Plane?

For people who cannot own an entire plane, there is the option of owning a fraction of it. Your maximum number of flight hours will be based on the size of your ownership. If this option does not appeal to you, you can opt for chartered flights. In this case, you only pay whenever you hire the plane. This is a very popular option these days because it is not only convenient, but it is also highly cost-effective.

What are the Biggest Advantages of Using Private Jets?

1. No Luggage Limitations

The only time you can have a problem with your luggage is when it’s very heavy and the runway is extremely short. So if you are going on a family vacation or any other trip, weight is not usually a major issue on private flights.

2. Tranquility

Business travelers prefer private jets because it makes it easier for them to work throughout their flights. They are able to answer emails, have conference calls or even hold meetings without unnecessary interruptions.

3. Pet-friendliness

On a private jet, your pet has all the freedom in the world, unlike on a commercial flight where they are confined in crates or tiny bags. At the same time, no one will dictate how many pets you should bring along for the flight.

In Summary

So, can private jets fly anywhere? There is no doubt that flying on a private jet offers unparalleled luxury and convenience. They can land in airports that may not be available to commercial flights. This is something that you can only do if you are flying private. If you plan to fly private in the near future, Lido Jets is prepared to get you to your final destination.


Are Private Jets Safe

As air travel becomes more common, the aviation industry continues to grow tremendously. Rising numbers, however, results in overbooked flights, busy airports and longer wait times. It is for these reasons that private jets are gaining a larger market and no longer a reserve of the super-rich. However, many people still ask the question: are private jets safe? Here are a few factors to bear in mind when considering the safety of flying private.

Are Private Jets Safe

Private jets are an exquisite way to travel and are incredibly safe. Overall, private jets are held to a high standard to ensure the safety of their passengers. Below you will find the reasons why private jets are safe. 


  • Publicity Plays A Role


      1. The widespread misconception that private jets are more dangerous than commercial planes is largely the result of media sensationalize of private jet incidents. Passengers Are Private Jets Safeon private jets are often public figures, which explains why any incidents would be widely publicized. There are various ways to compare statistics, but the last 15 years or so have seen more passenger fatalities on commercial flights than on private or charter aircraft.


  • Fewer Passengers, Less Chances to Cut Corners


      1. The average commercial plane will fly many passengers, actually posing a safety hazard. While these planes are designed for commercial purposes, struggling airlines can be encouraged to fly as many passengers on as many flights as possible to increase their margins. The temptation to cut corners on safety measures may rise for overworked staff. Furthermore, each flight puts stress on the plane’s structural integrity.
      2. Contrarily, private charters don’t focus on getting a maximum number of passengers on their planes. Safety measures are emphasized and all proper procedures carried out as the price of a journey doesn’t depend on the number of seats filled. Moreover, the overall lower passenger volume and number of flights also means much less wear and tear on the plane.


  • More Rigorous Safety Checks


      1. Private jets often undergo rigorous safety and compliance testing than commercial planes. Most reputable charter companies will seek the services of third-party organizations specializing in safety to ensure they meet all safety checks and requirements. The evaluation is usually incredibly strict, which means companies that meet the standards are extremely safe.


  • Fly Whatever the Weather


      1. Contrary to popular belief, private jets are better equipped to handle inclement weather. These charter jets can also land at more airports than commercial flights, allowing them to change plans quickly and make emergency landings with relatively much ease compared to commercial flights. Some jets are even equipped to fly above the weather, which makes them even more desirable.


  • Get to Your Destination Faster and Smoother


    1. One of the greatest appeals of flying private is cutting down the time you’d typically spend walking through an airport and waiting for hundreds of people to board and exit a plane. In addition to saving time, private jets often fly faster. The ability to land at more and smaller airports can also cut total travel time significantly. So whether you are flying to Denver or Terboro, private jets can get you there without the hassle of connecting flights. 

Bottom Line

Are private jets safe? Based on statistics, they’re safer than commercial planes. It’s no surprise that more people are embracing the idea of chartering a private jet. At the end of the day, air travel is still the safest way to travel, whether by commercial plane or private jet. For more information, Lido Jets can answer your inquiries. 


Fastest Private Jets 

The aviation industry is perpetually growing and has expanded greatly in recent decades. In fact, by 2023, one of the world’s top aircraft manufacturers is hoping to bring the newest and fastest models of private business jets to the world of airplanes and jets. The rise in demand for private jets has to be a result of the efficiency and short flight times that are paired with comfort and a sense of luxury from a personalized flight. In honor of the fastest and most comfortable form of transportation, in this article, we will list the fastest private jets. 

Fastest Private Jets 

The fastest private jets include the GulfFastest Private Jets stream G550, Bombardier Global 6000, Dassault Falcon 7x, and the Cessna Citation X.

  • The Gulfstream G550 

This $54 million private jet can accommodate up to 20 passengers along with sleeping arrangements and can go at the speed of Mach 0.885 at altitudes over 42,000 feet.

  • Bombardier Global 6000 

The 6000 in the name alludes to the potential speeds this private plane can travel which equals about Mach 0.89. With a cost of about $45 million, the Bombardier can come with a full bathroom including a standing shower and vanity.

  • Dassault Falcon 7x 

After making its debut in 2005, this famous Falcon broke an amazing record nine years later in 2014 by traveling from New York to London in less than 6 hours at Mach 0.90 speed. The previous record time for the same distance and destination was just an hour more. 

  • Cessna Citation X 

Also known as “the fastest of the fastest” private jet available to the public, the Cessna Citation X is available to purchase for about $23 million. The amazing Cessna was initially introduced to the world in 1996 and can currently travel from Los Angeles to New York in less than four hours as fast as Mach 0.935.

The Faster Future

As previously mentioned, the aviation industry wants to top their current fastest jets in the next couple of years. By 2022, the public should be expecting at least 2 new jets that are expected to travel faster than any plane before them. 

  • The X-59 QueSST 

This jet is expected to be available to travel by 2022. QueSST is actually meant to be short for Quiet Supersonic Technology, and the manufacturer aspires to not only make the QueSST the fastest aircraft but also the closest to silent if it passes all regulation of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). 

  • Aerion AS2 

The Aerion AS2 is a 12 seater private jet expected to travel at high speeds of Mach 1.6, which equivalates to over 1,200 mph. This means that the Aerion will be able to travel from London to New York in less than 3 hours. 

In Conclusion

Popularity and need for fast, private transportation is rapidly growing before our eyes and the aviation industry is keeping up. While a number of prominent models for personal jets exist, there will continue to be faster and more luxurious models soon in the near future to add to the list of the worlds fastest private jets. 

Can Private Jets Land Anywhere?

Can private jets land anywhere? The prevalent presumption that these jets can land anywhere is true. However, flyers that prefer private jet charters usually are in disfavor of landing them at class B airports that host commercial airplanes as this can lead to some hiccups in the passenger’s experience. Here are a few reasons private jet pilots prefer to land at smaller, more exclusive private airports.

Can Private Jets Land Anywhere?

So, can private jets land anywhere? Yes, the benefit of flying private is that you have the option to land anywhere including both large commercial airports and smaller private ones. As a general rule, private travelers often prefer smaller private airports for the time and cost saving benefits that come along with them.

There May Be a Long WaitCan Private Jets Land Anywhere

Since people who generally charter private jets get to enjoy the luxury of being able to save valuable time, and/or are more efficient in case of emergencies, landing a private jet at a commercial airport may be a bit of a hassle.

Large airports handle a high volume of arriving and departing aircraft. This generally means long waiting periods or delayed approach for private flyers.

Ensuring that You’re Getting the Best

One of the greatest benefits of flying private is the ability to land in a smaller, more exclusive airport that is less chaotic than a commercial airport. A big difference between a large passenger aircraft and a private jet is that while a passenger aircraft flies fast on the approach, smaller jets, considerably reduce their speed. This is another reason why private jet pilots prefer not to land at large commercial airports. Without the intervention of air traffic control, this can easily lead to passenger aircraft tailgating private jets. Thus, private jets, when landing on larger commercial runways, are often advised to maintain their speed at or above 200 knots to ensure the highest quality of safety for their passengers.

Landing at a Smaller Airport is Less Time Consuming

Due to heavy congestion at larger airports, private pilots are often mandated to get off the runway as quickly as possible, which can make the pilot feel rushed and impede a smooth arrival to your FBO. Flying into a smaller private airport allows for more FBO options and better landing, ramp, and fuel prices, not to mention the time savings without heavy commercial traffic backing up on the runway.

Can Private Jets Land Anywhere Taxi’ing and Parking

Like any other commercial flight, private jets are able to taxi and park just as any other aircraft. Since large airports usually have long and roomy runways, private jets are able to take off and land with ease.

Although, this may not be the case with regular commercial flights. Since the aircraft is much bigger and holds a large capacity of passengers, it would be difficult for these planes to land and take off anywhere but a large airport.

Also, due to congestion at larger commercial airports, taxi times and hangar space can be very limited. When flying into a smaller private airport passengers can get to their FBO and on their way to an important meeting with ease, knowing their jet has ample space and a safe place to park while re-fueling and waiting for you to return.

Convenience is Key

At larger airports, vehicles are not typically permitted onto the tarmac to pick up and drop off passengers. When landing a small private airport, passengers can be dropped off planeside, red carpet and all, for departure. And on arrival passengers will step down from their private jet, and get directly into their waiting vehicle without any delays, hassles of dragging luggage through a terminal, or aggravation of looking for which car is waiting for them.

Customs Procedures

Flyers rent out private jets mostly when they want to save time and want to enjoy the luxury of being able to fly private. One of these luxuries is that passengers are able to quickly get through customs procedures since they won’t have to wait in a long line to get through security. At bigger airports, mandatory customs procedures can often be time-consuming and prove to be disadvantageous when trying to save time. At a smaller private airport, customs comes to you – with agents boarding your plane to review paperwork and clear passengers to move freely about the country.

Bottom Line

If you’re thinking of traveling to San Francisco, or West Palm Beach for a quick getaway, you might be wondering where you should land if you fly private. So, can private jets land anywhere? They sure can, however, given the various reasons discussed above, private jet pilots are often advised against landing at big airports. Smaller airports are, in general, always better prepared to welcome private flyers such as private jet charter professionals, Lido Jets.

How Your Private Jet Company Should Cater to You

When you book a flight with a private jet company, you are making the decision to have a remarkable experience. The best private jet companies understand that a private flight is as much a part of the vacation or retreat as the experiences that occur after you reach your destination. To make sure that your voyage is as enjoyable as possible, your private jet company should do several things to cater to you.

Private Jet Safety

Airplane Safety Belt

Private jet safety must be a top priority for any company you choose to travel with. You should never have to worry about things like whether the craft has jet insurance, the experience level of the pilot and crew, or what certifications the craft has. The company should also be on top of weather conditions so that you are kept safe and never inconvenienced by the weather.

The Private Jet of Your Choice

Private Jets on the Runway

You should be able to choose your aircraft when you book a private jet flight. Whether you need a large craft to accommodate your large family, you wish to fly in a particular style of aircraft, or you want to reach your destination quickly, the best private jet companies will be able to make it happen. What you are flying in is an important part of the private jet experience, so your options should be limitless.

Countless Travel Destinations


A private jet company should make it easy for you to fly to any destination you desire. They should be handling the mundane details and making sure that the airports that are chosen are convenient in proximity to your home and your ultimate destination. The airports should also be as private and accommodating as possible so that you don’t have to go through all the troubles and wasted time of a commercial airport. You should truly feel like the world is your oyster when booking a private flight.

No Hassles to Worry About

Airport Luggage

When it comes to things like luggage handling and fleshing out the details of the trip, a private jet company should handle these things so that you are free to focus on pure enjoyment. One of the perks of booking a private flight is that you are the star of the show, so your luggage is not lumped in with many other bags. No fuss, no worries about losing bags, and no itineraries to carefully follow.

Your Flight, Your Way

Private Jet Interior

Your private flight should be a luxurious and thoroughly enjoyable experience. Meal arrangements are generally made in advance so that the company can cater to any special requests that you have. If you have pets that you would like to bring or other preferences, the company should work with you to make sure that you are able to do exactly as you desire. If done properly, your private flight experience will be a dream come true.

Private Jet in Flight

Top Private Jet Travel Destinations for Summer

Summer is officially in full swing. Travelers are packing up and jetting off to warmer climates to soak up some rays before the summer sun sets on another year. Now is a perfect time to book your private jet flight for this year’s summer vacation, or romantic weekend getaway. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite luxury summer travel destinations to make planning your next trip easier than ever. Our list has something for everyone and is sure to please every traveler in your group. Here are the first five:



Hawaii has always been well known as the place to go for those seeking the beach and sun. The white, black, green, and red sand beaches are as diverse as the activities available to visitors of the Hawaiian Islands. Relaxation is at the forefront of any island visitors mind, but when you need a pick me up you can zip line through the beautiful scenery, hike through a spectacular rain forest ending with an even more breathtaking waterfall. Enjoy Mai Tais on the beach, take in the local history at a luau, tour historic monuments, visit an active volcano, and enjoy a romantic couples massage all in one fun packed day. Travel between islands by private jet makes for a truly luxurious Hawaiian vacation, because when it comes to the Hawaiian Islands you can never visit just one.

Los Angeles

It seems Los Angeles is a favored vacation destination year round, but summer brings out the best of the best the city has to offer. Whether you seek beautiful beaches, relaxing spas, amusement parks, theater shows, fine dining, museums, shopping, or summer girls – Los Angeles has everything you’re looking for in one central location, including several conveniently located private jet airports for easy access to and from the city. Some of the most popular attractions in or around LA are The Hollywood Walk of Fame, Natural History Museum, The Getty, Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Universal Studios Hollywood, Rodeo drive, Beaches of Malibu, and many acclaimed fine dining restaurants in Beverly Hills just to name a few.


There isn’t much about Jamaica that doesn’t scream ‘summer vacation’. From the gorgeous and seemingly endless beaches, delectable tropical drinks, venturesome water sports, and luxurious resort amenities at every turn, one simply cannot visit Jamaica without having the time of their lives. The friendly locals are eager to cater to your every whim and show every visitor just how fabulous their home is. If your idea of a good time includes swimming with dolphins, hiking to incredible waterfalls, rafting & tubing, and overall relaxation then Jamaica is a just one convenient private jet charter flight away.

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau has been a favored destination for distinguished private jet travelers for many years. With its world famous resorts, pristine beaches, endless options for water sports and activities, it’s no wonder travelers are visiting Nassau time and again. The summer season brings those seeking relaxation swarming to the beaches. Nassau boasts several world famous restaurants featuring award winning chefs from around the globe   –  Try local hot spots like Aqua, Cafe Martinique, or Casa D’Angelo for a truly delectable dining experience. When you’ve soaked up all the sun you can, the nightlife in Nassau will keep you hot through the evening.  If you like to enjoy some well deserved rest and relaxation coupled with a hint of late night excitement then Nassau is the summer destination for you.

Martha’s Vineyard

For a refreshingly relaxing summer vacation, Martha’s Vineyard has been the chosen location for discerning travelers for many years.  Aside from the fine dining and boutique shopping, Martha’s Vineyard is a relaxation paradise for hardworking executives and those seeking some serenity and privacy away from the spot light. From boutique hotels, gorgeous views, and uniquely fun tourist attractions like the Back Door Donut shop, there is much to do at Martha’s Vineyard. And when you tire of the peace and quiet, Boston is a very short private jet charter flight away. You can head to the city for a night on the town, and return to your B & B for a restful slumber.


To book your private jet flight to any of these popular summer travel destinations, or anywhere else in the world call Lido Jets at 888-220-4598. Our team of luxury travel professionals are standing by 24/7 to assist with all of your questions and travel needs. Too busy to call? No problem, email us at for a reply in fifteen minutes or less. We know you are busy, let us make your travel easy.

Private Planes for Rent


Did you know that there are private planes for rent in almost every city in the nation? Finding a private jet to charter for your next VIP flight can be a daunting task. Knowing who to call, where the jet that you need is located, and how to reserve it for yourself is overwhelming to most. When you need to find private planes for rent, we suggest referring to your private jet charter broker. Your broker knows the ins and outs of the VIP luxury travel business and where and how to get a hold of the exact private jet you are looking for. If you aren’t sure which type of jet suits you best, your broker is sure to have a wealth of knowledge on the subject.

Generally, these knowledgeable aviation professionals know the details and differences between private jets as well as they know the layouts of their own homes. By utilizing a private jet charter broker, you can locate a private plane to rent anywhere on the map. The relationships many of these dedicated individuals and companies have built allow you to access the best jets at the best prices anywhere in the USA and around the globe.

Whether you charter a private jet for business or pleasure, your private jet charter broker has the answers to all of your questions and likely a creative solution to your potential travel issues. Whether you prefer a light, mid, or heavy jet, or even a combination of varied jets depending on your current travel needs, you can be rest assured knowing that your broker’s sole mission is to make your trip as seamless as possible. We won’t rest until we are certain that you and your travel companions are completely satisfied with your private jet travel experience.

To learn more about renting a private plane or to book your next VIP private jet charter call 888-220-4598 or email today. Your dedicated Lido Jets aviation professional will take the burden out of planning your next flight.

Charter a Heavy Jet


There is simply no comparison to traveling by private jet, especially when you enjoy the ranks of those flying by Heavy Jet. When you know exactly what you want, you come to expect nothing short of perfection. You understand that there is no true comparison between cabin classes when a large aircraft sits next to a light or mid jet. While all private jets are luxurious, comfortable, and convenient, the Heavy Jet traveler seeks something more.

The Heavy Jet cabin class is an impeccable selection for any long range flight. Often allowing for nonstop service to far off destinations, birthable seats for a comfortable slumber, and a full galley for the preparation of the fine cuisine of your choosing. Of course, no-one would turn away a Heavy Jet for a short or mid range flight either, if given the option to upgrade. Not only does the Heavy Jet offer more head room, cabin space, seating capacity, and luggage stowage, it is typically equipped with far more amenities and a larger crew than its smaller counterparts, to anticipate and meet all of your needs in the sky.

On average, the hourly rate for a heavy jet is $6,500.00 including all taxes, fuel, crew, landing, and ramp fees. When you book your next heavy jet with Lido Jets you will experience the endless list of benefits of utilizing our on demand charter brokerage. Our method sourcing and selling private flights allows you, the client, to get the best value for your dollar every time you fly. With unmatched industry relationships, the most experienced staff around, and a committed and creative customer service team, we work hard every day to ensure we can provide you with the best possible price for every mission.

The following is a listing of jet models that fall within the Super Mid Size cabin class, separated by manufacturer:

Dassault: Falcon 2000EX, Falcon 7X, Falcon 900EX
Bombardier: Challenger Jet Series 600, 601, 604, 605, 650
Gulfstream: G300, G400, G450, G-IV, G-V, G550

To learn more about chartering a Heavy Jet, or any other cabin class aircraft for your short or long haul flights please call Lido Jets at 888-220-4598 or email Our team of dedicated aviation enthusiasts are standing by now to answer any questions you may have and book your next private jet charter flight.

Cost to Hire a Private Jet


While there are many variables that go into the ultimate cost to charter a private jet, most people need to have an idea or an estimate of what the price will be when they rent a private jet. These costs will often be determined by the number of passengers traveling in your group, your preferred jet type, the time of year you will be traveling, and of course your preferred charter service type.

There are several different ways to charter a private jet including fractional ownership, working with a brokerage or travel agent, or brokering your own private flights with direct air carriers. Every method of charter comes with pros and cons when compared to the others, and also when stacked against what matters most to you and your group of passengers.

With fractional ownership you enjoy the esteem of ‘owning’ your own jet, however, often you will never set foot upon the jet that you own a part of, as your fractional carrier will schedule your flights using any aircraft from their fleet. These programs are typically the most expensive option when it comes to private charter flights, costing up to 50% more than other options.

When you book a flight with a direct air carrier you will often enjoy the benefit of low prices, however, most direct carriers do not keep their jets based in one location. The process of locating a jet that is best located for your flight on the date and time that you need it is a lot of work. You could spend days calling carriers all over the country and may never find the best option for your group.

When you work with a charter broker you will enjoy the same low priced benefits you will find with direct air carriers, however, you will have a professional standing by 24/7 to assist you with locating the best aircraft in the best location for your trip every time you fly. With a charter broker you will save valuable time and money, and enjoy an individual dedicated to your account at all times. Utilizing Lido Jets or a similar organization will provide you with access to thousands of jets all over the world, positive business relationships saving money which is passed on to you, and the peace of mind that your flight will always be handled with care and attention to every detail.

See the grid below for typical hourly pricing of each jet type. These prices include all estimated taxes, airport fees, fuel, and crew charges. To learn more about chartering with a broker call 888-220-4598 or email today. Our team is standing by now to answer all of your questions and assist with planning your next luxurious private jet charter flight!

Charter Flight Cost Grid

Daily Private Jet Rental


Whether you are traveling every day for business or just once per year for pleasure, chartering a private jet is likely your preferred option for air travel. At Lido Jets, our staff will treat every flight you take as if it is the most important flight we’ve handled. As far as you know, you are our only client, and you will be treated as such.

Booking a daily private jet rental with Lido Jets will ensure that you enjoy the royal treatment every single day. Whether you are excited about your ultimate destination, or traveling for another dreaded business meeting, at least you know that part of your day will be both relaxing and comfortable.

Our staff will always go to great lengths to ensure that every detail of your flight is handled with care and attention. From your preferred brand of bottled water, meals prepared to your specifications, and coffee brewed to your liking, you will never be disappointed when you board your private jet each day.

Whether you fly daily, weekly, monthly, or annually, you can always be sure that you are our most important client. Call 888-220-4598 or email to learn more about daily private jet charters. Our team is standing by to answer all of your questions and explain how you can save when you fly more often.