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Charter a Super Mid Size Jet


Rent a Super Midsize Private Jet Charter

When seeking both comfort and value, deciding between private jet cabin classes can be a difficult decision. It is important to understand the difference between each cabin class in order to make the best selection for your group. With seven to nine passengers, most private travelers will choose between a mid or super mid size aircraft. The good news is that Lido Jets offers every jet, everyday, and everywhere.

The Super Mid Size cabin class is ideal for mid to long range flights, and also shorter range flights with added luxury and comfort. A Super Mid size jet will typically fly 5 or 6 hours without requiring a fuel stop, allowing groups to fly coast to coast with speed and efficiency. The typical super mid size cabin is slightly larger than the average mid size cabin, boasting longer flight range and added weight and luggage capacity. This cabin class is the smallest, with less than 10 jets meeting the standards to make them eligible to claim the ‘super’ title. The super mid jet is generally chosen by an elite group of private travelers, those putting comfort and speed ahead of cost considerations.

On average, the hourly rate for a super mid size jet is $5,500.00 including all taxes, fuel, crew, landing, and ramp fees. When you elect to rent a super mid size jet with Lido Jets you will experience the many benefits of our on demand charter brokerage. Our method of selling private jet flights allow you to get the most bang for your buck. With strong industry relationships, educated aviation professionals on staff, and a committed customer service team, we work hard to provide you with the best possible price every time you fly. You will often find that you will receive a cabin class ‘upgrade’, meaning we provide a mid size price, while offering a super mid size cabin for your flight.

The following is a listing of jet models that fall within the Super Mid Size cabin class, separated by manufacturer:

Hawker/Beechcraft: Hawker 1000, Hawker 4000
Cessna: Citation X
Dassault: Falcon 50
Bombardier: Challenger 300
Embraer: Legacy
Gulfstream: G200

To find out more about renting a Super Mid Size Jet, or any other cabin class aircraft call Lido Jets at 888-220-4598 or email today. Our team of educated aviation professionals are always standing by to answer all of your questions and book your next private jet charter flight.

How Fast Do Private Jets Go?


When traveling for business, you rarely opt to take the scenic route if given a choice. As a busy business person, you need to travel from point A to point B in the fastest possible way, making use of every precious moment you have available in the day. If you happen to reside in Los Angeles, but your client meeting is scheduled at a location in New York, the last thing you are thinking about is navigating the How Fast Can a Private Jet Flycommercial airport, waiting an hour just to board your less than luxurious airliner like cattle, and cramming yourself between two strangers for the duration of a coast to coast flight.

The only thing that could make this scenario worse is the dreaded layover somewhere between the two coasts where you will ceremoniously un-wedge yourself from between the two strangers on either side of you, sprint to your connecting flight on the other side of the airport, and re-wedge your now sweaty body between two new and equally strange co-passengers for another few hours of discomfort.

The speed of a private jet ranges from 400 to 711 miles per hour. When compared to a commercial airliner with top speeds just over 500 miles per hour, it is easy to decide that a private jet is the speediest vessel to get you from here to there. Not only will you travel quickly, but you will enjoy the amenities that come with flying by private jet. You will enjoy complete privacy, comfort including all the leg room you can use, gourmet catering prepared to your liking, and complimentary WiFi on most jets. You can continue to work while you travel, rather than losing those valuable hours to the nightmare of the commercial airlines.

See The Five Fastest Private Jets Here

The duration of a commercial flight from Los Angeles to New York is typically 6 to 8 hours. By chartering a private jet for the very same route, you can reduce your flight to under 5 hours on some jet makes and models. That is a savings of up to three and a half hours to do with as you please. You may also find that charter a private jet for your team is comparable in price to booking first class commercial seats, but will allow you to work through the trip, rather than wasting time in the air. Not to mention the convenience of arriving for a private jet flight within minutes of your scheduled departure rather than hours, and the flexibility to depart early or late depending only upon your schedule.

To learn more about saving time and money by renting a private jet call Lido Jets at 888-220-4598 or email today. Our team of aviation professionals are always standing by to answer your questions and book your next flight.

Private Jet Safety


Safety should always be your number one priority when you rent a private jet. There is no level of luxury, comfort, or glamour that will substitute for you and your fellow passenger’s safe flight. Whether you fly with colleagues for business, or with your family for pleasure, you should always be sure to inquire about several details regarding the private jet you’re chartering. If your broker can not provide any of the listed documents then you should seek another carrier for your next flight.

Verified Part 135 Certificate and DO85

The first thing you should ask is whether your selected aircraft is operated by a verifiable Part 135 air carrier. This certification means that your operator has done all of the necessary paperwork and cleared all FAA inspections in order to become a public charter operator. You will also want to know that the aircraft tail number you are flying on is listed on the operators DO85 certificate. This listing includes all of the private jets your operator is certified to fly under their Part 135 certification. Any unlisted tail numbers cannot be flown legally, nor verified for safety audits for this operator.

Third Party Auditors

There are a few highly revered third party safety auditors in the aviation business. Both Argus and Wyvern are well respected when it comes to verifying the accuracy of information provided regarding your aircraft and crews. These auditors will provide either an Argus Trip Cheq or a Wyvern PASS Report detailing your aircraft history, crew flight hours, and insurance information on every flight. If anything is out of sorts, your report will not be clear for flight. You should never take a flight without a passing report.

Crew Training and Certification

With your Wyvern PASS Report or Argus Trip Cheq you will receive details related to your Chief Pilot and Co Pilot certification types, medical training classes, and total hours flown to date of your flight. You should always verify that your crew has ample time flying in general, and of course plenty of hours flying your specifically selected jet.

At Lido Jets, all of these safety criteria are confirmed prior to every flight. You can trust that your designated charter specialist has verified each piece of information personally, and has written record on file. You will always have access to each report and certificate immediately upon request. Once you have confirmed that your operator, crew, and aircraft and suitable to fly you and any other passengers, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your ride. Call Lido Jets today at 888-220-4598 or email to learn more about our operator network and internal safety requirements. While you’re on the phone, you can conveniently book your next private flight as well.

Charter a Mid Size Jet

Rent a Mid Size Charter Jet


Private jet travelers are often unsure which cabin class will suit their group best when chartering a flight. With so many options, it is helpful to understand the differences between each cabin class and weigh the pros and cons. Whether its value, comfort, or luxury that you seek, Lido Jets has access to every jet everywhere. Never again will you be locked into a specific cabin class like most fractional carriers require, now you can upgrade or downgrade cabin classes every time you fly. You won’t pay more for a large jet on a very short flight, and you will never have to suffer the discomfort of traveling with 7 passengers in a light jet across country again.

The mid size cabin class is ideal for mid range flights, or short range flights with added comfort. Mid size jets can typically fly up to 3-1/2 hours without stopping for fuel. Many mid jets will even make a cross country flight without a stop, depending upon passenger and luggage load on board. With a spacious interior including a cabin many can stand upright in, the mid size jet allows passengers to move about the cabin with east. Boasting a wider and longer cabin body than the smaller light jet, the mid size jet provides ample leg room to stretch out and relax in. Including almost 20 different mid size make/model private jets to pick from, the mid size cabin class is perfect for the discerning traveler. You are certain to find an aircraft that meets your particular requirements every time you fly.

On average, a mid size jet sells for $4,500.00 per flight hour. This estimated hourly price is all inclusive of taxes, crew, fuel, and airport fees. When you charter a mid size jet at Lido Jets you will enjoy the benefit of the on demand charter brokerage model. This method of chartering a private jet means your broker will always provide the best possible price for your flight, often falling below the average hourly rate. Lido Jets will offer a ‘lump sum’ price quote, meaning you will never learn of any surprise charges once your flight has landed.

The following are some of the jet models that fall into the Mid Size cabin class category, separated by manufacturer:

Hawker/Beechcraft: Hawker 700, 800/850, 900XP, Westwind I/II
Cessna: Citation III, Excel, Sovereign, VI, VII, XLS
Dassault: Falcon 20
Bombardier: Lear 55, Lear 60
Gulfstream: G100, G150

To find out more about renting a mid size jet for your next private charter flight, or to compare the mid size with other cabin classes, call Lido Jets at 888-220-4598 or email today. Our professional team of aviation enthusiasts are standing by 24/7 to answer every questions and assist with planning every detail of your next private jet flight. Regardless of jet size you select for your next charter, your experience will be the same level of luxury you have come to expect. Your gourmet catering will be prepared to your standards, your pet will be treated as family, and your VIP passengers will enjoy the comfort and privacy you seek when flying privately every single time you fly.

Private Jet Rental vs. First Class Commercial Pricing


The differences between traveling by private jet and commercial airline are countless, the two are almost incomparable in any way. The shocking place you will find similarities is in the price. Yes, you read that correctly. When a private jet is filled to capacity with 8 or more passengers, the cost is surprisingly similar to paying for a first class ticket for every passenger in your party.

On average, a first class ticket flying coast to coast is priced in the range of $2,000 per passenger. With 8 passengers you are now spending $16,000 to make the flight on an aircraft full of strangers, excess luggage, and limited leg room. The cost of an 8 passenger mid size private jet flying coast to coast will typically be priced in the range of $18,000-$22,000 USD for the very same route. When you consider all of the perks included in traveling by private jet, the nominal price difference per passenger pales in comparison to what you gain when it comes to comfort, flexibility, privacy, and luxury.

When you fly by private jet you are never pinned down to commercial airline schedules, you can enjoy the flexibility to arrive at the airport when you’re ready to leave and always expect to find your jet and crew waiting for you. Upon arrival, you will never find a long TSA security line, rather, you will be personally escorted to your waiting aircraft by your friendly crew member while FBO staff carries your luggage. Speaking of luggage, you will never pay an extra bag fee again when you choose to fly private.

Once on board your aircraft, you will select your own seat and find your pre-ordered gourmet catering waiting and ready for you to enjoy. Meals will be cooked perfectly to your preference and served by your crew once you have reached altitude. If you have personal business to attend to or simply want to talk about last night’s party, you will be confident that your conversations are kept strictly between passengers aboard the jet. Without strangers seated just inches away, you can speak freely as you make your way across the country, snore while you nap without fear of judgment, and wipe the drool from your lip without wondering if your pesky neighbor snapped a photo while you slumbered.

Your private flight can be 100% personalized to your specifications. If you prefer beige leather seats, a two place divan, and must have your favorite scotch on the rocks served immediately upon boarding, you can be certain that is exactly what you will find. When you rent a private jet for your travel both nationally and abroad, your wish is our command. To learn more about the convenience and cost of traveling by private jet call 888-220-4598 or email today. Our team is standing by now to assist with your luxury travel planning, and ensure that every detail is attended to with the utmost care and consideration. Once you fly by private jet you will never want to purchase another first class commercial ticket again.

Should You Hire a Private Jet Broker?

Private Jet Broker Pricing


You have many options when it comes to selecting a private jet charter company to work with. You can choose to work directly with an operator, essentially doing the work of a broker on your flights by yourself. You can select a fractional ownership organization, work with a travel agent, or, you can elect to book your private jet flights with a dedicated charter broker like Lido Jets. We believe the on demand brokerage model is the best when seeking expertise, flexibility, and great prices.

When working directly with your local operator, you are limited to a very small fleet of private planes. These aircraft are never guaranteed to be in the location you need them to be when you need them there, so you take a gamble every time you call to book a flight. In the event you work with many operators around the country – you are now wasting your valuable time doing the work your broker would be glad to do. Its also important to remember that your broker has an ongoing business relationship with operators around the country and the globe – these relationships come with perks such as price discounts and extra flexibility to accommodate your needs. Often times, our clients find booking with Lido Jets to be much more cost effective than working directly with local operators, not to mention the amount of time saved from doing all of the work yourself.

When you choose a fractional ownership carrier for your private jet charter needs, you limit yourself to a single aircraft type. Not only will you find yourself limited, the chance of ever stepping foot on the jet you ‘own’ a fraction of is very low. You will never have the opportunity to show off your new purchase to family and friends, customize it the way you want, or even sell it before your contracted number of flight hours has been used or expired. With a brokerage such as Lido Jets, you can change aircraft make, model, and cabin class on every flight. This means you can rent a light jet for short local flights, and switch to a heavy jet for long range and international flights as you wish. You aren’t limited to passenger capacity, and you can try every new aircraft that hits the market. Our fleet is almost unlimited, as we work with thousands of jets already on certificate with our approved network of operators.

A travel agent can be wonderful for arranging exclusive travel packages including an entire range of accommodations and activities. What you will not find with your travel agent is the dedicated expertise of a charter brokerage. At Lido Jets, your private flight is our top priority. Our team of educated aviation professionals have spent many years learning everything there is to know about private jets so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

When you choose a boutique style charter brokerage such as Lido Jets for your luxury flight planning you will always get the best jets at the best prices and with the most dedicated service to be found anywhere on the market. Without sacrificing luxury, comfort, or safety – you will always know you have a team working diligently to ensure your satisfaction at every turn. With an on demand charter broker you are much more than a number. You will be shocked to find out that saving money could come with such VIP personalized service.

To learn more about chartering with a private jet charter broker call 888-220-4598 or email now. Our staff of highly trained aviation professionals are always standing by to answer your questions and assist with booking your next private flight.

Charter a Light Jet


When selecting a private jet for your next charter there are many things to consider. The first item to consider is the type and size of jet that suits you best. Today you can change your mind about make, model, and cabin class on every flight. With Lido Jets you are never locked into a specific jet type like you would be with most fractional carriers.

A light jet is the perfect private plane for a short flight, typically within two and half hours from your departure point. Some very popular routes commonly flown by light jets are Los Angeles to Las Vegas, New York to Florida, and Reno to Denver. A light jet can also make a cross country flight if you don’t mind a fuel stop. These tech stops typically take about half hour, and give passengers just enough time to stretch your legs and take a bathroom break. If you’re traveling with pets, a jet with a fuel stop if often preferred to avoid accidents or discomfort for Fido.

The light jet cabin class is small in size, but large in options. There are about 20 different make/model options to choose from when selecting the perfect light jet for you. You can select the interior configuration, amenities, luggage capacity, and lavatory type that suits your group best every time you fly.

On average, a light jet sells for $3,500.00 per flight hour, which is all inclusive of taxes, airport fees, crew, and fuel. With Lido Jets you take advantage of the on demand charter brokerage model, meaning we will work hard to provide a price below the average whenever possible and always quote a ‘lump sum’ price, meaning no surprise charges after your flight has landed.

The following are just some of the jet models that fall into the Light Jet cabin class category, separated by manufacturer:

Hawker/Beechcraft: Beechjet 400, Hawker 400XP, Premier 1
Cessna: CJ1, CJ2, CJ3, CJ4, Bravo, Encore, II, Ultra, V
Dassault: Falcon 10
Bombardier: Lear 31, Lear 35, Lear 40, Lear 45
Embraer: Phenom 300

To learn more about chartering a light jet for your next private flight, or to compare all of the cabin classes, call Lido Jets at 888-220-4598 or email today. Our team is always standing by to answer all of your questions and help you select the perfect plane for your luxury flight.

Hourly Rates for Private Jets

Hourly Rates for Private Jets

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When navigating the world of private jet charter pricing you will find a huge variance of quoted hourly rates. Typically, any brokerage works to advertise a very low hourly rate for private jets, keeping hidden fees very well hidden until you have already signed a binding contract. This bait and switch tactic may work some of the time, however, you should never get a surprise bill following your charter flight. As an educated flier we want you to ask a few questions prior to committing to a flight with any private jet charter company.

Questions To Ask Your Broker Before Signing A Binding Contract:

  1. Is the quoted price a firm price including FET Tax, Segment Fees, Fuel, Crew, and airport handling fees?
  2. Will there be any additional fees added to the total price listed on your contract after my flight?
  3. Are there any fees for pilot wait time if I am running late?
  4. Will I be charged any processing or convenience fees if I need to make changes to my original itinerary?

The Answers should be: 1. Yes 2. No 3. No 4. No
(If these are not the answers you receive we suggest you seek out an alternative provider for your luxury travel needs)

While it would be nearly impossible for a genuine on demand charter brokerage to advertise a set hourly rate without price gouging, we can always provide estimated hourly rates by aircraft size. These estimates are based on the average rates billed to real Lido Jets clients over the most recent 12 month period*:

Light Jet:                  $3,500.00*
Mid Size Jet:             $4,500.00*
Super Mid Jet:          $5,500.00*
Heavy Jet:                 $6,500.00 – $8,500.00*

These estimated hourly prices are based on average hourly rates billed to actual Lido Jets clients on similarly sized aircrafts. Hourly rates include all fees related to your flight such as FET Tax, Segment Fees, Fuel Surchages, Crew, and Airport Handling fees. The only exceptions to this all inclusive rate are de-icing/hangar fees in extreme weather conditions, catering, and ground transportation. In the event you will be charged for anything beyond the quoted price on your contract, your Lido Jets representative will advise you or your flight booker at the time the request is made for additional services. We are very committed to being as transparent as possible when it comes to pricing, and avoiding surprises at all cost.

You should always read the ‘fine print’ before making a commitment to fly in writing. The surprises are always well hidden in the fine print. If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask them. Any honest broker will be glad to answer every question you ask, and will be upfront about any potential changes that can be foreseen. If you have questions now or would like to receive a quote for your next private jet charter flight call 888-220-4598 or email today. Our staff of aviation professionals is standing by around the clock to answer all of your questions and assist you with booking your next private jet charter flight.

Private Jet Charter Instant Quote

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Have you ever wondered what the cost is to fly from Los Angeles to New York on a Lear 60? Or do you need to know the price to fly from Miami to Paris on a Gulfstream G650? Whether you are traveling with your family, on business, or planning a flight for your boss – we know you are very busy. You simply cannot wait 4 hour or 2 days for a price quote. You spend that time running your business, tending to your clients, ensuring everything goes perfectly for your boss, or closing your next big deal – so let Lido Jets provide you with an instant quote for any route anywhere in the world.

Our team of highly educated aviation professionals will ask a few questions to ensure we are providing the best possible aircraft options to suit your needs and expectations, and provide a quote instantly over the phone. The estimated time you will spend on the phone getting the details you need is five minutes. Of course, if you have questions we are always available to chat. You may have our undivided attention for minutes or hours to plan the details of every trip. Our team will always work in a timely manner, and never rush you off the phone for the next call. When you call Lido Jets, you are our only client.

Call 888-220-4598 or email for an instant private jet charter quote today. We’re standing by now to assist you with all of your luxury travel needs.

Private Jet Flight Tracker

Live Private Jet Flight Tracking

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When traveling by air, it is sometimes impossible to reach your family or staff on the ground with updates on your arrival times, schedule changes, or diversions. By tracking you on the private jet flight tracker your crew will always know exactly where to find you and when. There are occasions when you make a stop en route, and your time on the ground is undetermined – with the private jet flight tracker there is no more guessing game for Charter Flight Trackingyour chauffeur. He will know exactly when you’re in the air again and have an updated ETA within minutes of your departure. You will never be left waiting at the FBO for a car to arrive again.

If you own a private jet or even have a fleet, you can keep track of any movements to ensure your pilots aren’t taking any unauthorized joy rides in your bird. With the private jet flight tracker, you will never have to take the word of anybody about the location of your precious aircraft. If you’re waiting for a jet to get back to home base so that you can be on your away again, you can watch it move across the country from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re on board and hate to wait, picking up a friend on arrival, or monitoring your own fleet – the private jet flight tracker is a useful tool for everybody. To learn more about how to use the private jet flight tracker, find out about our other handy private jet tools, or to book your next flight to track, call 888-220-4598 or email today. Our team is always standing by to assist with all of your luxury travel needs.