Rent a Mid Size Charter Jet


Private jet travelers are often unsure which cabin class will suit their group best when chartering a flight. With so many options, it is helpful to understand the differences between each cabin class and weigh the pros and cons. Whether its value, comfort, or luxury that you seek, Lido Jets has access to every jet everywhere. Never again will you be locked into a specific cabin class like most fractional carriers require, now you can upgrade or downgrade cabin classes every time you fly. You won’t pay more for a large jet on a very short flight, and you will never have to suffer the discomfort of traveling with 7 passengers in a light jet across country again.

The mid size cabin class is ideal for mid range flights, or short range flights with added comfort. Mid size jets can typically fly up to 3-1/2 hours without stopping for fuel. Many mid jets will even make a cross country flight without a stop, depending upon passenger and luggage load on board. With a spacious interior including a cabin many can stand upright in, the mid size jet allows passengers to move about the cabin with east. Boasting a wider and longer cabin body than the smaller light jet, the mid size jet provides ample leg room to stretch out and relax in. Including almost 20 different mid size make/model private jets to pick from, the mid size cabin class is perfect for the discerning traveler. You are certain to find an aircraft that meets your particular requirements every time you fly.

On average, a mid size jet sells for $4,500.00 per flight hour. This estimated hourly price is all inclusive of taxes, crew, fuel, and airport fees. When you charter a mid size jet at Lido Jets you will enjoy the benefit of the on demand charter brokerage model. This method of chartering a private jet means your broker will always provide the best possible price for your flight, often falling below the average hourly rate. Lido Jets will offer a ‘lump sum’ price quote, meaning you will never learn of any surprise charges once your flight has landed.

The following are some of the jet models that fall into the Mid Size cabin class category, separated by manufacturer:

Hawker/Beechcraft: Hawker 700, 800/850, 900XP, Westwind I/II
Cessna: Citation III, Excel, Sovereign, VI, VII, XLS
Dassault: Falcon 20
Bombardier: Lear 55, Lear 60
Gulfstream: G100, G150

To find out more about renting a mid size jet for your next private charter flight, or to compare the mid size with other cabin classes, call Lido Jets at 888-220-4598 or email today. Our professional team of aviation enthusiasts are standing by 24/7 to answer every questions and assist with planning every detail of your next private jet flight. Regardless of jet size you select for your next charter, your experience will be the same level of luxury you have come to expect. Your gourmet catering will be prepared to your standards, your pet will be treated as family, and your VIP passengers will enjoy the comfort and privacy you seek when flying privately every single time you fly.