The aviation industry is perpetually growing and has expanded greatly in recent decades. In fact, by 2023, one of the world’s top aircraft manufacturers is hoping to bring the newest and fastest models of private business jets to the world of airplanes and jets. The rise in demand for private jets has to be a result of the efficiency and short flight times that are paired with comfort and a sense of luxury from a personalized flight. In honor of the fastest and most comfortable form of transportation, in this article, we will list the fastest private jets. 

Fastest Private Jets 

The fastest private jets include the GulfFastest Private Jets stream G550, Bombardier Global 6000, Dassault Falcon 7x, and the Cessna Citation X.

  • The Gulfstream G550 

This $54 million private jet can accommodate up to 20 passengers along with sleeping arrangements and can go at the speed of Mach 0.885 at altitudes over 42,000 feet.

  • Bombardier Global 6000 

The 6000 in the name alludes to the potential speeds this private plane can travel which equals about Mach 0.89. With a cost of about $45 million, the Bombardier can come with a full bathroom including a standing shower and vanity.

  • Dassault Falcon 7x 

After making its debut in 2005, this famous Falcon broke an amazing record nine years later in 2014 by traveling from New York to London in less than 6 hours at Mach 0.90 speed. The previous record time for the same distance and destination was just an hour more. 

  • Cessna Citation X 

Also known as “the fastest of the fastest” private jet available to the public, the Cessna Citation X is available to purchase for about $23 million. The amazing Cessna was initially introduced to the world in 1996 and can currently travel from Los Angeles to New York in less than four hours as fast as Mach 0.935. 

The Faster Future

As previously mentioned, the aviation industry wants to top their current fastest jets in the next couple of years. By 2022, the public should be expecting at least 2 new jets that are expected to travel faster than any plane before them. 

  • The X-59 QueSST 

This jet is expected to be available to travel by 2022. QueSST is actually meant to be short for Quiet Supersonic Technology, and the manufacturer aspires to not only make the QueSST the fastest aircraft but also the closest to silent if it passes all regulation of the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). 

  • Aerion AS2 

The Aerion AS2 is a 12 seater private jet expected to travel at high speeds of Mach 1.6, which equivalates to over 1,200 mph. This means that the Aerion will be able to travel from London to New York in less than 3 hours. 

In Conclusion

Popularity and need for fast, private transportation is rapidly growing before our eyes and the aviation industry is keeping up. While a number of prominent models for personal jets exist, there will continue to be faster and more luxurious models soon in the near future to add to the list of the worlds fastest private jets.

*Fun fact: When you’re flying that fast, a lot accumulates on the windows and can take quite an effort to get them clean in time for their next flight. If you don’t have a Squeegeezy on speed dial, some planes won’t be going anywhere.