Private Jet Broker Pricing


You have many options when it comes to selecting a private jet charter company to work with. You can choose to work directly with an operator, essentially doing the work of a broker on your flights by yourself. You can select a fractional ownership organization, work with a travel agent, or, you can elect to book your private jet flights with a dedicated charter broker like Lido Jets. We believe the on demand brokerage model is the best when seeking expertise, flexibility, and great prices.

When working directly with your local operator, you are limited to a very small fleet of private planes. These aircraft are never guaranteed to be in the location you need them to be when you need them there, so you take a gamble every time you call to book a flight. In the event you work with many operators around the country – you are now wasting your valuable time doing the work your broker would be glad to do. Its also important to remember that your broker has an ongoing business relationship with operators around the country and the globe – these relationships come with perks such as price discounts and extra flexibility to accommodate your needs. Often times, our clients find booking with Lido Jets to be much more cost effective than working directly with local operators, not to mention the amount of time saved from doing all of the work yourself.

When you choose a fractional ownership carrier for your private jet charter needs, you limit yourself to a single aircraft type. Not only will you find yourself limited, the chance of ever stepping foot on the jet you ‘own’ a fraction of is very low. You will never have the opportunity to show off your new purchase to family and friends, customize it the way you want, or even sell it before your contracted number of flight hours has been used or expired. With a brokerage such as Lido Jets, you can change aircraft make, model, and cabin class on every flight. This means you can rent a light jet for short local flights, and switch to a heavy jet for long range and international flights as you wish. You aren’t limited to passenger capacity, and you can try every new aircraft that hits the market. Our fleet is almost unlimited, as we work with thousands of jets already on certificate with our approved network of operators.

A travel agent can be wonderful for arranging exclusive travel packages including an entire range of accommodations and activities. What you will not find with your travel agent is the dedicated expertise of a charter brokerage. At Lido Jets, your private flight is our top priority. Our team of educated aviation professionals have spent many years learning everything there is to know about private jets so that you don’t have to worry about anything.

When you choose a boutique style charter brokerage such as Lido Jets for your luxury flight planning you will always get the best jets at the best prices and with the most dedicated service to be found anywhere on the market. Without sacrificing luxury, comfort, or safety – you will always know you have a team working diligently to ensure your satisfaction at every turn. With an on demand charter broker you are much more than a number. You will be shocked to find out that saving money could come with such VIP personalized service.

To learn more about chartering with a private jet charter broker call 888-220-4598 or email now. Our staff of highly trained aviation professionals are always standing by to answer your questions and assist with booking your next private flight.