Hourly Rates for Private Jets

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When navigating the world of private jet charter pricing you will find a huge variance of quoted hourly rates. Typically, any brokerage works to advertise a very low hourly rate for private jets, keeping hidden fees very well hidden until you have already signed a binding contract. This bait and switch tactic may work some of the time, however, you should never get a surprise bill following your charter flight. As an educated flier we want you to ask a few questions prior to committing to a flight with any private jet charter company.

Questions To Ask Your Broker Before Signing A Binding Contract:

  1. Is the quoted price a firm price including FET Tax, Segment Fees, Fuel, Crew, and airport handling fees?
  2. Will there be any additional fees added to the total price listed on your contract after my flight?
  3. Are there any fees for pilot wait time if I am running late?
  4. Will I be charged any processing or convenience fees if I need to make changes to my original itinerary?

The Answers should be: 1. Yes 2. No 3. No 4. No
(If these are not the answers you receive we suggest you seek out an alternative provider for your luxury travel needs)

While it would be nearly impossible for a genuine on demand charter brokerage to advertise a set hourly rate without price gouging, we can always provide estimated hourly rates by aircraft size. These estimates are based on the average rates billed to real Lido Jets clients over the most recent 12 month period*:

Light Jet:                  $3,500.00*
Mid Size Jet:             $4,500.00*
Super Mid Jet:          $5,500.00*
Heavy Jet:                 $6,500.00 – $8,500.00*

These estimated hourly prices are based on average hourly rates billed to actual Lido Jets clients on similarly sized aircrafts. Hourly rates include all fees related to your flight such as FET Tax, Segment Fees, Fuel Surchages, Crew, and Airport Handling fees. The only exceptions to this all inclusive rate are de-icing/hangar fees in extreme weather conditions, catering, and ground transportation. In the event you will be charged for anything beyond the quoted price on your contract, your Lido Jets representative will advise you or your flight booker at the time the request is made for additional services. We are very committed to being as transparent as possible when it comes to pricing, and avoiding surprises at all cost.

You should always read the ‘fine print’ before making a commitment to fly in writing. The surprises are always well hidden in the fine print. If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask them. Any honest broker will be glad to answer every question you ask, and will be upfront about any potential changes that can be foreseen. If you have questions now or would like to receive a quote for your next private jet charter flight call 888-220-4598 or email charter@lidojets.com today. Our staff of aviation professionals is standing by around the clock to answer all of your questions and assist you with booking your next private jet charter flight.