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Private jet travel has never been more popular than it is today.  More travelers are deciding to travel by private jet for business and pleasure. Some passengers are unsure of the proper etiquette when traveling in the lap of luxury, so we’ve compiled a list of the 10 most frequently asked questions to help you navigate private jetiquette.
1. TIPS:   Should I Tip my private jet flight crew?
When you consider tipping your flight crew, it should be compared to any other VIP service related experience. When you are truly satisfied with a wonderful experience, a monetary reward in the form of a ‘tip’ is always appreciated by the crew.  If you decide to offer a thank you, the common amount ranges  from $50 to $100 dollars, however, any amount is acceptable. Remember that a monetary gratuity is never mandatory nor expected.
2. ARRIVAL TIME:   How long before my scheduled flight should I arrive to the airport?
Passengers are typically asked to arrive about 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. This short window of time will allow your flight crew to load luggage, check identification, and prepare for a timely departure. If you are going to be late for a flight, simply call your Lido Jets representative to advise them of your anticipated arrival time.  The crew will be notified and glad to make the adjustment for you. This courtesy call will also ensure they are ready to greet you with a smile when you arrive to the FBO for takeoff.
3. BAGGAGE:   How much luggage can I bring with me on a private jet?
Private jets are smaller than a typical commercial airliner, and have limited luggage space. The recommendation is 1 average size suitcase and 1 carry on or personal item per passenger. When traveling by private jet, it is recommended to use soft sided duffel bags when possible, as your crew will be able to accommodate more luggage when your bags are flexible. Please ask your Lido Jets representative how much luggage your aircraft can carry and plan accordingly. There is nothing worse than realizing you will have to ship some of your luggage to the next destination before you can taxi out for takeoff.
4. CHILDREN:   What should I bring to entertain my kids on board?
You should always bring plenty of entertainment for children, especially for a long flight. Providing games, books, toys, and iPads with the latest movies already downloaded will ensure a peaceful flight for passengers and pilots alike. Your Lido Jets representative is also able to arrange for items to entertain your children in flight- just ask and it will be taken care of.
5. PETS:   Are my pets allowed to fly with me in the cabin?
Pets have become cherished family members, often traveling everywhere with their humans. Before taking your pet with you to board a private jet, be sure to ask your Lido Jets representative if pets are permitted to travel on board. Each aircraft has its own policy regarding pets in the cabin and your pet will never be placed in a cargo hold or luggage area on a private jet.  Lido Jets will always ensure that you and your four legged companion can fly side by side if you tell us you plan to bring him in advance.
6. SEATS:   May I select my own seat on a private jet or will it be assigned?
Seating arrangements are not assigned on a private jet so you may select any seat you wish. If you are traveling as a guest, you should allow your host to select his or her seat first and then follow the lead of the other passengers. On rare occasion, your flight crew may ask you to change your seating arrangement in order to ensure the safest  weight distribution of the aircraft. Legally, you must comply with your flight crew, however, you can be rest assured your pilot will always do everything possible to ensure your comfort on board every flight.
7. ATTIRE:   What should I wear on a private flight?
There are no attire restrictions on private jets. Simply wear something that is comfortable for you and appropriate for public travel. Because you are traveling in a confined space, you are encouraged to leave scented lotions, perfumes, and colognes safely stowed in your luggage to ensure the comfort of fellow passengers and flight crew.
8. ALCOHOL:   Are alcoholic drinks unlimited on board a private jet?
Alcohol is allowed on private jets for all passengers of legal drinking age. Typically alcohol consumption is not regulated by your flight crew, however, you are encouraged to drink in moderation. Passengers who overindulge have the potential to distract the flight crew as well as disrupt the peaceful travel of fellow passengers.
9. ILLNESS:   Will I be allowed to fly if I am ill?
The general rule is if you are too sick to fly on a commercial airliner, then  you are too sick to fly on a private jet as well. You will not be prevented from boarding a private jet unless you are obviously unable to fly, however, for the benefit of fellow passengers and flight crew you are encouraged to keep your contagious germs at home with you, and resume your travels once you have completely healed.
10. HUMOR:   Is it ok to joke with the flight crew about crashing or credentials?
You can trust that your pilots have already heard every aviation related joke more than once. With that being said, it is certainly acceptable to make humorous remarks and enjoy the company of your crew. You should never make any comments about feeling unsafe, crashing, the pilots credentials, or ability to operate the aircraft effectively. The off color jokes can be a distraction, and other comments may be construed as insulting.
Standard etiquette rules don’t change when you reach altitude. Good manners will go a long way when traveling in such close quarters.  When you are polite and considerate of passengers and crew members, you will all enjoy your time on board that much more.  Your flight crews will always go out of their way to ensure a pleasant experience with personalized VIP service every time you fly.
If you have other questions about Jetiquette, the etiquette of private jets, call 888-220-4598 or email today. Our friendly staff of aviation professionals are standing by 24/7/365 to answer any questions and assist you with planning your next private charter flight. It will be our pleasure to welcome you aboard.