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Your pet is a valued member of your family. You would never place your baby in the cargo hold of a commercial airliner during a flight and chances are you would prefer that your furry kid not be required to travel there either. When you book a private jet charter flight with Lido Jets your pets will travel in the main cabin with you. They will always be treated as the important member of your group that they are. From special treats to warm blankets and even their own luxurious leather seat – your pet will experience true comfort in the sky.
Despite popular belief, the cargo hold of a commercial airliner is both pressurized and temperature controlled. Despite this, there were over 200 pet deaths reported by commercial airlines in 2011. While the number of animals that perished is low in comparison to the total number of animals that travel, it certainly remains a huge concern for pet lovers.
In the cargo hold your four legged companion will remain in the pitch dark, afraid and not understanding why he is there or when he’ll see you again. He will be surrounded by the cries and unfamiliar scents of fellow banished travelers. While you experience the frustration of delays on the runway in the main cabin, it will only increase the amount of time your pet spends alone, stressed, and afraid. The food and water placed in his cage might be spilled over by careless linemen loading the aircraft for takeoff, or even worse, his cage could be crushed.
On occasion, pets have been known to be ‘lost’ by commercial airlines, much like your checked luggage might have been. The idea that you land in Phoenix only to learn that Fido is waiting for you in Ireland is unfathomable at best, but it’s a very real possibility today. (Click HERE for the full story)
You can avoid all of these stressful and terrifying possibilities when traveling with your pet by chartering a private jet for your next flight. Pets are recognized as important passengers and always treated as such. Lido Jets will make the booking process as simple as possible, advising you of any important documents required such as vet clearance for an international pet passport, so that you can be sure your arrival at your next destination is seamless and stress free. (Click HERE for more information on required travel documents for pets)
If you have questions about pet travel, pricing, or anything else related to private jet travel please call 888-220-4598 or email us at now. Our professional staff of charter professionals is  standing by 24/7/365 to assist you with making your next private jet charter booking seamless and stress free.
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