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Everybody loves the feeling of getting a great deal.  Those that charter private jets are no exception to this universal rule. There are many ways to get a great deal on your next private jet charter flight, below we’ll tell you how to take advantage of the three most popular ways to save big the next time you book a private jet.

1: Empty Legs

Empty legs are by far the best way to take advantage of great deals in the sky. ‘Empty Legs’ become available when a business jet must make a repositioning flight from one location to the next in order to pick up passengers for its next booked charter flight. The repositioning flight is known as an ‘Empty Leg’ because the jet is ’empty’ of passengers. Because the repositioning leg has been considered on previously booked flights, the flight is sold at a steep discount. If your route, travel date, and preferred time match up – you can consider it a jackpot! Empty Leg flights can be chartered for up to 50% off of average privet jet flight pricing.

2: Share It

Sharing your jet with friends, family, or colleagues is a great way to ease the cost of your private jet charter flight. Because charter flights are sold as a lump sum price regardless of passenger count, when you fill every seat and share the cost, everyone pays a lower per passenger fee. You learned about sharing in preschool, and the rules still apply. When you share, everyone wins!

3: Round Trip Charter

By booking a round trip charter flight, you are buying in bulk. The more flight legs you charter at once, the lower price per flight hour you will pay. When you book a charter flight from a jet’s home base, and plan your return trip to the same location you save yourself the burden of huge repositioning fees. (See #1 – those repositioning legs are the empty legs someone else is saving big on when you don’t use them!)

Now that you know the tricks, don’t let someone else score your empty leg. Plan ahead when you can, book round trip flights to and from the same location, and share the ride with anyone going the same way as you are. To learn more about how to get the best private jet deals or to book your next empty leg, shared, or round trip charter just call 888-220-4598 or email for more info. Our team is standing by 24/7 to answer all of your questions and assist with all of your luxury planning needs.