Safety should always be your number one priority when you rent a private jet. There is no level of luxury, comfort, or glamour that will substitute for you and your fellow passenger’s safe flight. Whether you fly with colleagues for business, or with your family for pleasure, you should always be sure to inquire about several details regarding the private jet you’re chartering. If your broker can not provide any of the listed documents then you should seek another carrier for your next flight.

Verified Part 135 Certificate and DO85

The first thing you should ask is whether your selected aircraft is operated by a verifiable Part 135 air carrier. This certification means that your operator has done all the necessary paperwork and cleared all FAA inspections to become a public charter operator. You will also want to know that the aircraft tail number you are flying on is listed on the operators DO85 certificate. This listing includes all the private jets your operator is certified to fly under their Part 135 certification. Any unlisted tail numbers cannot be flown legally, nor verified for safety audits for this operator.

Third Party Auditors

There are a few highly revered third party safety auditors in the aviation business. Both Argus and Wyvern are well respected when it comes to verifying the accuracy of information provided regarding your aircraft and crews. These auditors will provide either an Argus Trip Cheq or a Wyvern PASS Report detailing your aircraft history, crew flight hours, and insurance information on every flight. If anything is out of sorts, your report will not be clear for flight. You should never take a flight without a passing report.

Crew Training and Certification

With your Wyvern PASS Report or Argus Trip Cheq you will receive details related to your Chief Pilot and Co Pilot certification types, medical training classes, and total hours flown to date of your flight. You should always verify that your crew has ample time flying in general, and of course plenty of hours flying your specifically selected jet.

At Lido Jets, all of these safety criteria are confirmed prior to every flight. You can trust that your designated charter specialist has verified each piece of information personally, and has written record on file. You will always have access to each report and certificate immediately upon request. Once you have confirmed that your operator, crew, and aircraft and suitable to fly you and any other passengers, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your ride. Call Lido Jets today at 888-220-4598 or email to learn more about our operator network and internal safety requirements. While you’re on the phone, you can conveniently book your next private flight as well.