When traveling for business, you rarely opt to take the scenic route if given a choice. As a busy business person, you need to travel from point A to point B in the fastest possible way, making use of every precious moment you have available in the day. If you happen to reside in Los Angeles, but your client meeting is scheduled at a location in New York, the last thing you are thinking about is navigating the How Fast Can a Private Jet Flycommercial airport, waiting an hour just to board your less than luxurious airliner like cattle, and cramming yourself between two strangers for the duration of a coast to coast flight.

The only thing that could make this scenario worse is the dreaded layover somewhere between the two coasts where you will ceremoniously un-wedge yourself from between the two strangers on either side of you, sprint to your connecting flight on the other side of the airport, and re-wedge your now sweaty body between two new and equally strange co-passengers for another few hours of discomfort.

The speed of a private jet ranges from 400 to 711 miles per hour. When compared to a commercial airliner with top speeds just over 500 miles per hour, it is easy to decide that a private jet is the speediest vessel to get you from here to there. Not only will you travel quickly, but you will enjoy the amenities that come with flying by private jet. You will enjoy complete privacy, comfort including all the leg room you can use, gourmet catering prepared to your liking, and complimentary WiFi on most jets. You can continue to work while you travel, rather than losing those valuable hours to the nightmare of the commercial airlines.

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The duration of a commercial flight from Los Angeles to New York is typically 6 to 8 hours. By chartering a private jet for the very same route, you can reduce your flight to under 5 hours on some jet makes and models. That is a savings of up to three and a half hours to do with as you please. You may also find that charter a private jet for your team is comparable in price to booking first class commercial seats, but will allow you to work through the trip, rather than wasting time in the air. Not to mention the convenience of arriving for a private jet flight within minutes of your scheduled departure rather than hours, and the flexibility to depart early or late depending only upon your schedule.

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