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Here are just 10 of the countless reasons to choose Lido Jets for your next private charter flight:
1. 24/7 Personalized Service
Our dedicated professional charter specialists are standing by 24/7/365 to serve your travel needs. You will always  reach a Lido Jets team member, never an answering service. We will always honor your personal travel needs and requirements from type of jet amenities to any extras you like to have waiting on board for your flight.
2. Safety
Safety is our top priority. Lido Jets utilizes only operators who hold the highest safety ratings including Argus and/or Wyvern PASS recognition. Each operator and aircraft is reviewed for approval prior to every flight.
3. Luxury / Comfort
Lido Jets carefully screens every aircraft for cleanliness and overall aesthetics to ensure the most luxurious ride possible. You will receive photos of the actual aircraft you have charted. You will never suffer the curse of the ‘middle seat’ again.
4. Convenience & Flexibility
Flying on a private jet will give you the flexibility you need to depart on your own schedule.  Depart as early or late as you would like. You will always arrive at the nearest terminal to your destination without the need for a layover or aircraft swap.
5. Time Savings
Your time is valuable. Chartering a private jet will save you the time of being herded through a commercial terminal. With Lido Jets you will arrive at a luxurious private FBO and be escorted directly to your waiting aircraft for immediate take off. The only delay – if you choose to stop and enjoy a fresh baked cookie before boarding.
 6. Economical Pricing
With no upfront membership fees and a ‘pay as you go’ structure, chartering with Lido Jets is the best choice for the savvy traveler. Our knowledgeable charter specialists are highly trained to take advantage of one way and empty leg flight options, keeping your out of pocket costs to a minimum. By choosing Lido Jets you can be assured that you will get the best aircraft at the best price for your private charter flight.
7. Luggage Security
If you’ve ever had an airline lose your luggage then you understand the importance of keeping it nearby. Traveling with Lido Jets will allow you to monitor your luggage at all times, you will never arrive without it. Flying private also allows you to carry as much lotion, perfume, and other liquids with you on board. Imagine a life without ziploc bags and 3 ounce bottles!
8. Concierge Service
Our charter team is always available to provide you with full concierge service for your trip.  We are able to handle your hotel and restaurant reservations, book tickets for shows and concerts, assist with adventure vacations, tour packages and so much more.  Simply tell our client service specialists what you would like and they will arrange it for you.
9. Pet Travel
Your pets are members of your family and at Lido Jets they are treated as such. Pets are no longer banished to the cargo hold. Your four legged companions will travel comfortably in your lap or even their own luxurious seat while flying with Lido Jets.
10. Aircraft Age
If you prefer the newest of everything, consider this: The average age of a Private Jet is 8 years or younger. The average age of a Commercial Aircraft is 20 years or older. Flying with Lido Jets means you will be flying on the newest aircraft available.  We always provide an aircraft within the age range you have requested.
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For stress free, luxurious travel Lido Jets is the only way to fly.