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When you charter a private jet to Henderson, NV, you'll arrive at the Henderson Executive Airport. Travellers arriving in this way experience notable differences compared to arriving on commercial airlines to regular gates with a couple hundred other commuting travellers. Business travellers often don't even look at other airports when Henderson or even Las Vegas is the true endpoint. Considering perks like concierge baggage handling, oxygen services, potable water and nitrogen refilling for tires.

Stretching out and spending some time relaxing in a 24,000 square foot lounge and rest area, you'll be able to hook up to electricity, enjoy free WiFi and take in a moment of peace and quite in one of the many quiet spaces. Executives with a comfort requirement look at Henderson Executive as a matter of course.

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Nestled South and East of the bustling Las Vegas area, the Henderson Valley area is experiencing pretty rampant growth in recent years. With new construction on the rise, the area is becoming more and more developed and populated. This mean opportunities to conduct commerce and also a means to support a visiting tourism population.

Interestingly enough, Henderson has some very fun historical facts especially when it comes to film and television productions. Hollywood's affinity for Henderson has been grand and has ranged from the filing of 1998's blockbuster hit Lethal Weapon 4 to the many tapings of television's hit drama series CSI. One of America’s favorite James Bond films, "Diamonds Are Forever" was actually shot partially in a lower-rent area of downtown Henderson and the gently sloping mountain backdrops helped set the somber, yet stark mood of the film.

Things to do in Henderson

Nature is the main sight to see in Henderson and the amazing thing about nature is that she typically doesn't charge admission. This is in stark contrast to the casino strip of Las Vegas which is only about 15 miles to the northwest. Many of the executive class taking a private jet into Henderson have either a business or a pleasure interest in Las Vegas. The Henderson hot spot, then, has quite to do with the fact that Las Vegas is so close but also far enough away to make Henderson a safe-haven for arts and culture.

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Depending on your aircraft and route, the price of chartering a private jet to Henderson can vary. Here at Lido Jets, we have access to thousands of airports and jet aircraft, so we've got you covered no matter where you're coming from or how you want to fly.

Popular Airports Near Henderson, NV

Whether your private jet charter to Henderson is for business or pleasure, the nearby locations have a lot to offer. With Las Vegas and Reno right around the corner, you may want to consider adding an extra leg onto your trip and exploring the following nearby cities and airports.