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Taking a private jet to Teterboro will put you at the Teterboro, NJ airport, the oldest airport in the New York area. It is a popular gateway to Manhattan for many today. The airport spans almost the entire surface of Teterboro, over 820 acres. With the airport using so much space, the tiny borough of Teterboro boasts a remarkably small population, with just 67 residents as of 2010. Teterboro airport began flight operations in 1919, and has since become one of the largest general aviation relief airports in United States. With a weight limit of 100,000 pounds, the airport was intentionally set to be non-viable to commercial airliners.

With Lido Jets' access to countless private jets in the area and extensive network of private jet charter operators, it comes as no surprise that Teterboro is one of our client's most preferred travel destinations. Located only 12 miles north, Teterboro allows easy access to downtown Manhattan without the hassles of long taxi lines and ground traffic of JFK or La Guardia. The airport, without commercial interference, also allows you the convenience and privacy your status demands.

Teterboro is the private traveler's gateway to New York. If you're considering chartering a private jet to New York or the surrounding area for business or pleasure, please call us at 888.220.4598 today. Our friendly and experienced charter specialists are standing by 24/7/365 and are ready to assist you with planning your private jet charter flight now.

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Things to do in Teterboro

Teterboro is a small borough in New Jersey with a population of only 67 as of 2010. However, its location is prime. Teterboro is a very popular airport due to its close proximity to many of the busiest parts of both New Jersey and New York.

What's the Price for a Private Jet to Teterboro?

Depending on your aircraft and route, the price of chartering a private jet to Teterboro can vary. Here at Lido Jets, we have access to thousands of airports and jet aircraft, so we've got you covered no matter where you're coming from or how you want to fly.

Popular Airports Near Teterboro, NJ

Taking a private jet into Teterboro, NJ will put you very near to many other popular destinations. In fact, its close proximity to other locations is one of the things that makes Teterboro so popular. If you're flying to Teterboro and considering expanding your trip, considering the following airports as well.