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Private Jet to the Super Bowl

Super Bowl 50, to be held at the Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, promises to be the biggest sporting spectacle of the year. Scheduled to be held on February 7, the Super Bowl 50 is set to be bigger and glitzier than ever before, with well over 10,000 spectators arriving in chartered private jets for this iconic event. As with any major event, you can be sure that Lido Jets will be there! We're providing the best Super Bowl experience with private jets to Santa Clara.

Over the last few years, the Super Bowl weekend, with the attendant parties and hype surrounding it, have become bigger than the main event itself. Consider the fact that the number of people who arrived in Phoenix for the 2015 Super Bowl was twice the capacity of the stadium itself. It has been reported that on an average, the Super Bowl revelers stayed for almost 4 days in the city.

By all accounts, the scale of events is set to be significantly grander this year. It is expected that well over 1 million people will congregate to participate in varied events during the Super Bowl weekend including NFL Experience and Super Bowl City.

Ready to Fly to the Super Bowl?

Charter a private jet to the Super Bowl and fly stress-free!

Clearly, attending the Super Bowl is a lifetime event for many of us, and people spare no expense to make it memorable. While a lot of people meticulously plan about their lodging and participation at events surrounding the Super Bowl, people commonly give little attention to their means of transportation. Chartering a private jet is without a doubt one of the best way to experience the magic of a Super Bowl weekend. A private jet not only makes a style statement unlike any other, it also scores heavily on convenience, flexibility and productivity.

Still not convinced? Here is our list of top 5 reasons on why you should arrive in a private jet instead of a commercial airline.

1. Save Time

Traveling aboard a commercial airline can be a real buzzkill in terms of the time it takes to fly you to your destination. Would you really want to arrive at a crowded airport hours before the scheduled flight and endure all of the time-consuming formalities? The whole journey can sap your enthusiasm. On the other hand, a private jet allows you the luxury of arriving no more than 20 minutes prior to your flight. There are no check-ins or security checks to suffer, you can simply board the flight right away. You not only save time, you arrive at the Super Bowl fresh in body and mind.

2. Unmatched Flexibility

A chartered flight is simply incomparable when it comes to flexibility in every respect of your flight. Flying on a private jet means you get to choose the time you want to fly, the company you would like to have, the in-flight entertainment you would prefer, and choice of you cuisine you would enjoy. This is not all. Flying on a private jet means that you get to avoid the overcrowded airports in favor of smaller regional airports. In other words, you can simply bypass the rush of big crowds and enjoy a relaxed arrival.

3. Privacy and Security

How many times have you heard about commercial flights being diverted due to uncooperative passengers? Security is a major hassle for commercial airlines which means endless rounds of security checks. And yet, despite all the tedious security procedure, a commercial airline simply cannot compare to private jets in providing practically fool proof security. Similarly, commercial airlines simply do not match up when it comes to ensuring your privacy. On a private jet, you can feel at ease, surrounded by family and friends, and go on about your work without the risk of being watched.

4. Comfort

It would be fair to say that traveling in a private jet means access to a level of comfort and service that comfortably outranks business and first classes on commercial airlines. Forget about measuring legrooms, you can enjoy king sized beds so that you arrive rested and refreshed at the Super Bowl. Instead of the stale taste of commercial airline food, you get the luxury to choose your favorite cuisine and dishes. Likewise, instead of a limited choice of entertainment options on commercial airlines, a private jet allows you to choose exactly the way you would like to be entertained during the course of the flight. Whether it is Blu-Rays, video games, or your choice of movies and songs, flying on a private jet means the service is always customized to your needs.

5. Stay Productive

The quiet and secure environment of a private jet, with all the attendant facilities available, means that you can continue to work during the course of your travel. Depending on your requirements, private jets can not only take care of your communication needs with fast Wi-Fi and satellite phones but also provide stationary and arrange for a boardroom meeting facility.

What's the Price for a Private Jet to the Super Bowl?

Depending on your aircraft and route, the price of chartering a private jet to the Super Bowl can vary. Here at Lido Jets, we have access to thousands of airports and jet aircraft, so we've got you covered no matter where you're coming from.