Heavy Private Jets

Aircraft Seating Range (hours)
Challenger 600 10+ 6-8
Challenger 601 10+ 6-8
Challenger 604 10+ 6-8
Challenger 605 10+ 6-8
Challenger 850 10+ 6-8
Falcon 2000(EX) 10+ 6-8
Falcon 7X 10+ 6-8
Falcon 900(EX) 10+ 6-8
Gulfstream G300 10+ 6-8
Gulfstream G400 10+ 6-8
Gulfstream G450 10+ 6-8
Gulfstream II 10+ 6-8
Gulfstream III 10+ 6-8
Gulfstream IV 10+ 6-8

When you step aboard a heavy jet, you feel an overwhelming sense of luxury and elegance. Heavy Jets are known for extreme luxury, incredible comfort, and overall opulence. The heavy cabin class includes Gulfstream, Bombardier's line of Challengers, and several of Dassault's Falcons. These aircraft are known in the private travel industry for their spacious cabins, luxurious leather seats, and an array of luxurious amenities. During your charter flight, your personal attendant will serve custom drinks and gourmet meals prepared on board in the full galley while you relax and enjoy the latest movies or browse the web utilizing complimentary in flight WiFi.

With typical capacity for twelve passengers, the number of seats on a heavy jet can vary from ten to eighteen depending upon the unique configuration of any individual aircraft. With capacity for more travelers than most competitors, the heavy jet is the only choice when flying with large groups.

The heavy jet has an incredible flight range, often allowing for non-stop intercontinental travel. Passengers can enjoy a peaceful slumber during a long red eye flight and arrive rested and refreshed at the next destination. Traveling distances up to five thousand nautical miles, no other business jet class competes with the flight range of the heavy cabin aircraft.

Heavy Jet Pricing

When selecting a private plane, the cost is always a consideration. While heavy jets are not the least expensive aircraft option, Lido Jets is committed to offering the best available price for your preferred aircraft type, for every charter flight you book. When you choose your next charter jet, consider factors such as amenities, seating capacity, baggage space, and overall comfort before price; we are certain you will be glad you did once you climb aboard your heavy jet.

Rent a Heavy Jet

As you plan your next intercontinental vacation, or cross country business trip, consider booking a heavy jet with Lido Jets. When you book a flight with Lido Jets you can leave the details to us. With 24/7/365 personalized service and a commitment to providing full concierge service you can relax knowing that every detail is being handled with care. For more jet rental information please email charter@lidojets.com or call 888-220-4598 today. You will receive immediate answers to all of your questions, and booking your next private charter flight will be easier than you ever imagined possible.

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