Light Private Jets

Aircraft Seating Range (hours)
BeechJet 400 / 400A 4 2-3
Citation Bravo 5 3
Citation CJ1 5 3
Citation CJ2 / CJ2+ 7-8 3-1/2
Citation CJ3 7-8 3-1/2
Citation CJ4 7-8 3-1/2
Citation Encore 7 3-1/2
Citation II/ SII 7 3-1/2
Citation-V-Ultra 7 3-1/2
Falcon 10 5-6 3-1/2
Hawker 400XP 7-8 3-1/2
Lear 31 6-7 3
Lear 35 7 3-1/2
Lear 40 7 3-1/2
Lear 45 6 3-1/2
Phenom 300 7 3-1/2
Premier 1 6 3-1/2

Light Jets have quickly become a necessary tool in today's fast paced business world. While maintaining the luxury and security of private travel, the light jet is an economical option for the budget conscious passenger. With typical seating for up to seven passengers, this small aircraft easily becomes a boardroom in the sky, saving valuable time as your executives meet, plan, and execute deals in flight.

With an average flight distance range of 1,600 nautical miles, the Light Jet will typically fly non-stop for up to three hours. When you charter a flight between any two points of your choice, the light jet allows you to fly non-stop between any two cities, while commercial airlines may not offer service between them at all. Private jet travel is the true definition of convenience and simplicity.

Light Jet Charter Flights

When you consider the convenience, privacy, and luxury experienced when chartering a private plane - the cost to rent a light jet has never been better. With more business jets available on the national and international market and competitive sellers, Lido Jets offers extraordinary prices for every private flight.

Light jets are equipped with amenities including a mini galley, on board lavatory, luxury seating for as many as eight adult passengers, and up to eighty cubic feet of baggage space. While most commercial travelers consider flying to be a hassle, traveling by private jet could not be any more relaxing. With gourmet snacks and ice cold champagne to greet you as your board, its no wonder more and more passengers are choosing private charters for every flight.

Rent a Light Jet

If you need to book a charter flight, choose Lido Jets for all of your luxury travel needs. Private jet rental has never been easier. With a simple phone call or email you will have answers to all of your questions, a price quote for your next light jet charter flight, and the peace of mind that every single detail of your trip is being handled with careful consideration. We make ourselves available 24/7/365 for your convenience, and we are committed to providing you with answers or a price quote within fifteen minutes of your original request. Please call 888-220-4598 or email today, our team of aviation professionals are standing by to assist you with all of your travel needs.

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Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, Lido Jets can fly you to the nearest airstrip to your destination, making it the most convenient trip possible. Lido Jets, The Name to Trust.

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