Long Range Private Jets

Aircraft Seating Range (hours)
Boeing Business Jet 14+ 8+
Global 5000 12+ 8+
Global Express 10+ 6-8
Gulfstream G500 12-18 8+
Gulfstream G550 12+ 8+
Gulfstream G650 12+ 8+
Gulfstream V 12+ 8+

When your exquisite palate for luxury demands nothing less than the best of everything, a long range jet is the choice for you. Luxury amenities are abundant on long range jets. Some of these luxuries include a separated cabin for privacy, full galley with personal attendant, private bedrooms, complimentary WiFi, ample luggage space and much more. When you charter a long range flight, the choice is clear.

With VIP seating for up to eighteen passengers, based on individual aircraft configuration, a Long Range Jet is a useful business tool for global companies flying executives from one meeting place to the next. The aircraft allows for complete relaxation in the sky and non-stop travel for distances up to sixty five hundred nautical miles. These aircraft will often fly between Paris and Los Angeles while your passengers plan for the next big deal or catch up on some much needed rest and relaxation.

Long Jet Pricing

Lido Jets is committed to offering the lowest price for the best jet for every charter flight we manage. When you rent a private plane, you can count on Lido Jets for the best pricing on Long Range Jets every time you fly. When you consider the longest non-stop flight range, and high passenger capacity, a long range jet is a value beyond compare.

Rent a Long Range Jet

You have many options when it comes to booking a long range jet for your next private charter flight. When you book your flight with Lido Jets you will always be treated as though you are our only priority. With personalized service available 24/7/365, Lido Jets is the only choice for every private jet rental. Our qualified staff of professionals is standing by now to assist you with every luxury travel requirement. Email charter@lidojets.com or call 888-220-4598 for an instant quote and answers to every question you may have.

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Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, Lido Jets can fly you to the nearest airstrip to your destination, making it the most convenient trip possible. Lido Jets, The Name to Trust.

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