Mid-Sized Private Jets

Aircraft Seating Range (hours)
Citation Excel 8 4-5
Citation III 8 4-5
Citation Sovereign 8 4-5
Citation VI 8 4-5
Citation VII 8 4-5
Citation XLS 8 4-5
Falcon 20 7 4-5
Gulfstream G100 7 4-5
Gulfstream G150 7-8 4-5
Hawker 700 8 4-5
Hawker 800 7-8 4-5
Hawker 850 8 4-5
Hawker 900XP 8 4-5
Lear 55 7 4-5
Lear 60 7 4-5
Westwind I / II 7-8 4-5

The midsize jet has become a preferred group of aircraft for the discerning private traveler requiring more from their aircraft. With a stand up cabin and spacious seating arrangements for up to eight passengers, this group of aircraft take luxury to new heights. The midsize cabin provides ample head and leg space for a more comfortable ride than the average light jet.

A midsize jet will fly up to 2,900 nautical miles. This distance equates to four to five hours non-stop flight time, often allowing passengers to fly from one coast to the next without the inconvenience of stopping to refuel. This jet class come standard with amenities including a mini galley, fully enclosed lavatory, berthable seats, and a spacious cabin. Step aboard a midsize jet the next time you charter a flight and find out exactly why the mid category has become one of the most popular today.

Luxury Midsize Jets

A high volume of private charters today are on midsize jets. Passengers seeking the convenience of longer non-stop flight options or the space to move about the cabin consider the cost to be a reasonable value. When you consider the cost to rent a private plane, luxury, convenience, and amenities are always a priority.

Groups of more than six often consider the midsize jet specifically for comfort. With a roomier cabin than the smaller light jet, and capacity for up to eight adult passengers the aircraft is certainly a preferred option. The mid cabin class easily converts to your boardroom in the sky, and often equipped with in flight WiFi, the aircraft allows the efficiency for business to carry on through your flight, saving valuable time and money.

Rent a Midsize Jet

When you book a charter flight, a midsize jet is an excellent choice for your domestic itinerary. Your private flight will come standard with many luxurious amenities when you select the mid cabin class. Whether you are flying for business or pleasure, your complete satisfaction is simply not optional. Call 888-220-4598 or email charter@lidojets.com for an instant quote from our staff of aviation experts. Our professional team is standing by 24/7/365 to answer every questions cater to all of your luxury travel requirements.

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