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When selecting the best jet for your private jet charter flight there are many variables to consider, including how many passengers you will be traveling with, whether pricing is an issue, the duration of your flight, whether passengers will be sleeping during your trip, and many other things that might sway your decision from one charter to the next.

Lido Jets offers you Every Jet, Everywhere - allowing you the flexibility of selecting the very best jet for each private charter you book.

Whether you prefer the speed of the Citation X, the economy of the Falcon 10, or the shear elegance of the Gulfstream 650, Lido Jets can accommodate every request you have, everywhere you go.

Working with a network of thousands of Part 135 private jet operators all over the world there are no limits to where you can go, or which aircraft can take you there.

Private Jet Charter Complete Aircraft Satisfaction

Because Lido Jets is not a fractional ownership or contract committed company - you will maintain flexibility to change your mind about your jet preferences when you fly.

You no longer have to choose a specific jet make & model and then end up stuck with the wrong choice for the lifetime of your contract.

Lido Jets is committed to ensuring your complete aircraft satisfaction every time you fly while never compromising luxury and comfort.

To learn more about each private jet size category, click the links to the left and find out just how many options there are. You can also click on each jet make/model to learn more about that specific jet. Each aircraft size has its own set of perks for you to enjoy.

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