Heavy Jet - Challenger 600

The Challenger 600 was introduced in 1978 and originally named the 'LearStar 600' after Bill Lear. The LearStar was promptly renamed to "Challenger" by Canadair, the initial manufacturer of the aircraft before becoming a division of Bombardier. Challengers can be identified visually by their distinctive fowler flap design, where the fairings can be seen below the wings, a sight common on commercial airliners, however, unique to private jets. The 600 is the first born in the long line of Bombardier's popular series of Heavy Business Jets and continues to be a popular choice for Heavy Cabin Class charters today.

Class Manufacturer Typical Seating Luggage Capacity Flight Range
Heavy Jet Bombardier 10+ 115 Cubic Ft 6-8 Hours
Interior Cabin Specifications Height Width Length
*Personal Flight Attendant On Board 6' 1" 8' 2" 28' 3"

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The Challenger 600 is an exquisite choice for the discerning private jet traveler. Whether you're traveling with a large group, simply requiring more seats, or demand the space and luxury that a heavy jet offers, the 600 is sure to suit your needs. Whether for business or pleasure, the Challenger 600 will never disappoint.

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