Challenger 601 Private Jet

Heavy Jet - Challenger 601

The Bombardier Challenger 601 replaced the Challenger 600 in production, to include improvements such as correcting the 600's weight problems. The 601 also received upgraded engines for improved performance. It maintains the comfortable wide-body cabin the Challenger line is known for. Similar successors to the 601 include the 601-1A, the 601-3A, and the 601-3R. The Challenger 601 maintains it's standing as one of the most popular heavy jets in operation today.

Class: Heavy Jet
Manufacturer: Bombardier
Typical Seating: 10+
Luggage Capacity: 115 Cubic Ft
Flight Range: 6 - 8 Hours
Interior Cabin Specifications:
Height: 6' 1"
Width: 8' 2"
Length: 28' 3"

*Personal Flight Attendant On Board