Light Jet - Citation CJ1

Cessna's Citation CJ1 is the smallest aircraft in the Light Jet category. With seating for 5, this small private jet is perfect for professionals traveling to meetings in the morning who want to be home in time for dinner the very same day. The aircraft is incredibly easy to fly and can be safely and legally flown with a single-pilot. This unique classification reduces direct operating costs to the private traveler substantially. The CJ1 was specifically designed to operate on shorter runways which will allow passengers to select smaller and often more convenient airports for departure and landing, thus avoiding heavy air and ground traffic and always conserving valuable time.

When selecting a private jet for your charter flight, the CJ1 should be a consideration for any short distance or small group travel. With cabin specifications identical to the CJ2 in height and width, and only shorter in length, the aircraft is certain to provide a pleasantly comfortable ride for every passenger.

Class Manufacturer Typical Seating Luggage Capacity Flight Range
Light Jet Cessna 5 59 Cubic Ft 3 Hours
Interior Cabin Specifications Height Width Length
4' 8" 4' 9" 11' 3"

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Flying at speeds up to 447 miles per hour, the Citation CJ1 if not only fast, but also comfortable and quiet. When you contact Lido Jets, your aircraft charter broker, ask about the price to charter the CJ1. You are sure to be impressed with this cost effective option. This small but mighty aircraft never sacrifices luxury or safety, but rather allows the frugal traveler the opportunity to fly on one of Cessna's finest aircraft at the best light jet price on the market. We have received rave reviews on the CJ1 from many clients who have chartered it, and expect the trend to continue as long as the jet remains in the sky.

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