Hawker 800 Private Jet

Mid Sized - Hawker 800

The Hawker 800 was the first of the 800 series created by Raytheon Hawker. The jets of the 800 series are among the most popular choices in the Mid Size cabin class and they continue to meet the high performance standards that they've come to be known for. The Hawker 800 does not have a single strong point that sets it apart from the competition, but rather, it strikes a unique balance in all factors that drive aircraft selection when one is flying private.

Class: Mid Jet
Manufacturer: Raytheon Hawker
Typical Seating: 8
Luggage Capacity: 48 Cubic Ft
Flight Range: 4 - 5 Hours
Interior Cabin Specifications:
Height: 5' 8"
Width: 6' 0"
Length: 21' 3"