Turbo Prop Aircrafts

Turbo Prop Private Jets

Aircraft Seating Range (hours)
King Air 90 6-7 2-1/2
King Air 200 7 2-1/2
King Air 350 7 2-1/2
Piaggio Avanti 6 2
Pilatus PC-12 6 2
Dornier 328 30 5-6

A Turbo Prop Aircraft is a great choice for the economically focused private traveler. With similar size and luxury as any light jet, a turbo prop aircraft is a great choice for a short business trip, weekend getaway, or family vacation. The turbo prop engine utilizes a reduction gear rather than a jet engine, burning an estimated two thirds the fuel a similarly sized jet will utilize. While the turbo prop is not the smallest private aircraft when compared to the typical 'Very Light Jet', they are comparable in size to most light jets.

The typical passenger capacity of a turbo prop aircraft is between six and eight passengers, along with two crew members and luggage. These aircraft can fly anywhere from three hundred nautical miles to a maximum distance of six hundred nautical miles without a fuel stop depending upon the make and model. In short, the turbo prop aircraft is a functional airplane, without compromising style, safety, and luxury.

Turbo Prop Rental Pricing

Most private passengers today are not only concerned with luxury, privacy, and convenience. Many are seeking a more economical option without compromising the typical benefits of private travel. The cost to rent a turbo prop aircraft is estimated at two thirds the price of the average light jet, making it an economically sound choice when it comes to chartering a small aircraft. Charter flight pricing for a turbo prop plane is the best option for every price conscious traveler.

Rent a Small Private Aircraft

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