Turbo Props - King Air 200

The Beechcraft Super King Air family is part of a line of twin-turbo prop aircraft produced by the Beech Aircraft Corporation (now known as Hawker Beechcraft's Beechcraft Division). The King Air line is made up of a number of aircraft model series that create four families: the Model 90 series, Model 100 series comprise the King Air Family, as well as the Model 200 and 300 series make up the "Super King Air" family, however, the "Super" was dropped from the series name in the mid nineteen nineties.

The Beechcraft King Air 200 has been touted the most popular and successful business aircraft ever built. Once you fly in one, you’ll understand why. The airplane offers a perfect balance of speed, economy, and comfort. The luxurious “squared- oval” cabin provides plenty of headroom and legroom, with plush leather seats to polish off the look and feel of true luxury. The King Air 200, with incredible performance and impressive specifications, is sure to provide the best in luxury and class on your next private flight.

Class Manufacturer Typical Seating Luggage Capacity Flight Range
Turbo Prop Hawker Beechcraft 7 54 Cubic Ft 2-1/2 Hours
Interior Cabin Specifications Height Width Length
4' 9" 4' 6" 16' 8"

Feel Like a King in the Air

The King Air 200 was originally created in 1969, with continuing changes and improvements resulting in the very popular B200 which is still in production today. Pricing for the celebrated King Air 200 is competitive in every sense. This turbo prop plane is an exceptional choice for any short range private plane rental. With a cabin measuring 4ft 9in by 4ft 6in and 16ft 8in in length, the aircraft is comfortable for as many as eight passengers. The aircraft doubles as a boardroom in the sky when executives utilize the comfort and privacy of the vessel while traveling from one city to the next. Gone are the days of valuable time lost to commercial flight schedules and delays, the King Air 200 allows for a new level of efficiency and savings.

Rent a King Air 200 Plane

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