Very Light Jet - Phenom 100

Embraer's Phenom 100 took the Very Light Jet cabin class by storm, with its first delivery in 2008. By 2010 there were more than one hundred of these popular private planes in the sky. The small yet versatile jet has seating capacity for four plus two pilots, and is also equipped with a fully enclosed lavatory, an anomaly in the VLJ class. For a group of four or fewer the Phenom 100 is an outstanding selection for your next private aircraft charter.

This jet is best suited for short range flights of two hours or less in order to ensure non-stop service, however, the options are almost limitless if passengers are satisfied to enjoy the sites across the country as their aircraft is refueled along the way. The Phenom 100 is a great choice for traveling executives, vacationing families, and honeymooning newlyweds alike.

Class Manufacturer Typical Seating Luggage Capacity Flight Range
Very Light Jet (VLJ) Embraer 4 67 Cubic Ft 2-3 Hours
Interior Cabin Specifications Height Width Length
4' 11" 5' 1" 12' 8"

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With cabin height and width specifications matching the very popular Hawker 400XP from the Light Jet cabin class, the Phenom 100 provides a comfortable and spacious ride when compared to other VLJs. This jet also offers greater luggage capacity than any other VLJ or Light Jet. This luxury affords the frugal flier the option to stow his luggage, golf clubs, and even skis in the nose of the bird, saving cost, time, and hassle related to shipping those items. When selecting a private jet service, you seek luxury, convenience, and comfort. Between the flexibility and luxurious comfort of the Phenom 100 and the level of personalized service you will enjoy with Lido Jets, this aircraft is an incredible value in every way.

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