Private Jet Flight Safety

At Lido Jets, private jet safety is our top priority. You can be assured that every charter flight booked is with a safe and legal aircraft and crew. We verify the following prior to every flight we manage:

  • Part 135 Certification
  • DO-85 Listing for your aircraft
  • Proof of Liability Insurance by Industry standards
  • Verification of good standing Wyvern and/or Argus safety Auditors
  • Weather Conditions

When you book with Lido Jets aircraft charter service, you will always have the peace of mind knowing that your safety is first and foremost. We are happy to provide copies of the verified documents and total crew hours upon request. At Lido Jets there is nothing more important than your safe arrival at your next destination. If you ever have questions pertaining to specific aircraft or crew our charter specialists will be glad to assist you with getting the answers. Call Lido Jets today for more information on our safety standards and anything else related to your next private charter flight.

A Flawless Flight Safety Record

When you select an aircraft charter service, private jet safety is top priority. With many options to choose from, Lido Jets takes great lengths to research the safety record of our operator partners to protect the safety of our clients. Working with operators, aircraft, and crew with flawless safety records gives us peace of mind that you are in the best hands in the sky each and every time you fly.

Our charter operator partners, pilots and private jet flight attendants are held to specific stringent safety standards, and Lido Jets verifies that these standard requirements are met prior to every flight. Private jet airports also have specific requirements based on your aircraft type and landing strips. Once all safety requirements are met and verified, you can be confident that your private jet cost will remain competitive.

How to Book a Private Jet

It's never been easier to book a private jet. With Lido Jets you can get a private jet charter quote and book your next charter flight anytime. Our professional staff is standing by 24/7/365 to serve your luxury travel needs. If you seek a company with commitment to private jet safety the next time you are flying on a private jet, then Lido Jets is the choice for you. Simply complete our online quote request form, call 888-220-4598, or email to book your flight today.

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