Super Mid-Sized Private Jets

Aircraft Seating Range (hours)
Challenger 300 8 6
Citation X 8 6
Embraer Legacy 8-9 5-6
Falcon 50 9-12 6
Gulfstream G200 8-9 5-6
Hawker 1000 8-9 5-6
Hawker 4000 8-9 5-6

The Super Midsize Jet was introduced to the general aviation market to meet the specific needs of VIP passengers seeking more than the average mid jet could offer. The Super mid jet is the answer to a call for speed, luxury, comfort, and overall convenience. With seating capacity for up to ten passengers, this class of aircraft provides groups with more than eight travelers options beyond the much larger Heavy Jet cabin.

When you charter a flight, the number of seats on board is generally one of the most important considerations. Before the super mid jet a group of nine or ten had few options. With the introduction of this larger jet with a longer non-stop flight range these groups have a widened variety of options to select from. The Super Mid cabin class also boasts the fastest private jet available to the business market, the Citation X, among other highly coveted models such as the Challenger 300 and Embraer Legacy to name a few.

Super Midsize Jet Pricing

Super Midsize Jets are a more economical charter option for groups of more than eight passengers. Pricing for the super mid cabin class makes them far more accessible than the average heavy jet. Supermid jets also allow for more baggage on board than the smaller light or mid jets. Carrying your golf clubs, skis, and larger luggage pieces has never been more convenient.

When selecting a private plane for your next flight, it is important to consider every detail. These aircraft often offer amenities beyond the typical light or mid jet standards. You will often find a fully enclosed lavatory, mini galley with microwave, seating for nine or ten travelers, and complimentary WiFi on board these highly sought after aircraft.

Rent a Super Midsize Jet

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