Very Light Private Jets

Aircraft Seating Range (hours)
Citation Mustang 6-7 2-1/2
Eclipse 500 4 2-3
Phenom 100 4 2-3

The Very Light Jet is the answer to the demand of the frugal private traveler requiring a small, inexpensive jet to meet their specific needs. A Very Light Jet is an efficient and cost effective private jet option for the knowledgeable charter client. When you charter a flight on a VLJ you are making a financially sound choice. With comfortable seating for up to 4 passengers typically, and amenities including a fully enclosed lavatory on some models, the aircraft is great for short one to two hour charter flights.

The maximum distance range for most Very Light Jets is 500 miles, making this economical aircraft the ideal choice for small groups taking a short trip for meetings, events, or family outings. This aircraft will fly non-stop between popular city pairs such as Los Angeles and Las Vegas, New York and Atlantic City, Miami and Jacksonville, FL, and many more, making the VLJ a useful tool for the frequent flyer.

VLJ Rental Pricing

The cost to rent a private plane is high, however, the price to charter a very light jet is the most reasonable the jet market has ever seen. With pricing that is fractional in comparison to the nearest comparable option, the light jet, the VLJ will not be undersold when it comes to private jet travel. Most Very Light Jets have capacity for up to four passengers comfortably, making the aircraft an excellent choice for a family or group of executives.

Rent a Very Light Jet

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